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More Rudy on the Immigration Bill

Here are Giuliani’s full remarks on the immigration legislation, which I discussed earlier (via his campaign):

Voice 1: Mayor, can we ask you about you about the immigration bill? You’ve heard in the last couple of days that Mitt Romney’s been very critical about …and of course, for John McCain to write that bill. What’s your position on the immigration bill?

Mayor Rudy Giuliani: My position on the immigration bill is, and I’ve tried to study it as best I could – it doesn’t achieve the purpose that I would like to see it achieve. In order to then decide whether some of the things you like in it have to be balanced against some of the things you don’t like, which is after all what you have to do with complex legislation. What it doesn’t have in it is a very, very clear statement of purpose – and then a way of executing that purpose. I believe that we have to know everybody who’s in the United States…who comes hear from afar – [Applause] And I believe that is, if you make that your goal, that everything else follows from that or everything else leads to that. There should be a tamper – proof ID card, a biometric ID card that everyone who comes here from a foreign country should have. In order to make sure you identify everyone, in order to be secure – I mean the reason to do this is for necessary security. We understand that we can be penetrated now by terrorists. We also understand that drug dealers and other criminals find their way into the United States. But we want to make sure that we either stop that or we keep it to a minimum. In order to accomplish that, you have to have a goal of identifying everybody that comes in here from a foreign country, having their name, their background, their identity, their fingerprints, other identifying data that’s not too much to ask, that’s not too much to ask of any one single individual who wants to come here. It’s what most nations require, and we need to do it. And then we need to set up a database that will contain that information, and you need to have a fence – both physical and technological in order to obtain that information and to stop people from sneaking in who aren’t going to be identified. And then we need the border patrol better trained, and I think the resources for that were in the bill but not the first purpose that I was talking about. And then there should be a program by which people who are working can come forward, get identified, get their tamper – proof ID card to be fingerprinted, get in the database, and then we can concentrate our attention on the people who aren’t coming forward. Because it’s among the people who don’t come forward you’re going to find the terrorists and the drug dealers and the other criminals that hurt us. If, you know, let’s see what happens in the debates that they have now – the Senate has to debate it, the House has to debate it, let’s see if they can put something like that in it that ends up giving us more security. The present version of the bill, however, I don’t think it accomplishes that.

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