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Trump Won With Winning

Staying on message provided huge power and momentum.

Trump’s mantra of “Winning, winning, winning,” might have seemed ridiculous a few months ago. But it is fast becoming clear that the mere repetition of those words has had a hypnotic effect on both his supporters and his detractors.

It landed him the Republican nomination, an idea that still has party elites in shock. And, maybe, it will even get him to the White House.

If this seems obvious now, consider how his simple, easy to understand language was once derided by the elites. His language was too simple, too basic. It didn’t show the sophistication of our usual leaders. That was the thrust of much media commentary.

Consider how he was treated as a clown. Shortly after Trump first hit the scene, theHuffington Post announced that it would cover him in the website’s entertainment section rather than pages reserved for politics. The message was that he wasn’t a serious candidate.

Now, to the surprise of many, he didn’t just become the front-runner for the Republican nomination, but with Ted Cruz and John Kasich bailing out last week, he is the nominee.

Don’t be deluded. It’s not an accident that Trump has won. It isn’t a freak accident that might have happened differently if only things had been different.

It is true that he doesn’t use “big words.” But why should he? He’s running for the highest office in the most powerful country in the world. That means he’s after the votes of the people, not friends in academia, or points in a spelling bee. And clearly, the American GOP primary voters connected with the simple language and did not need big words to understand America is losing and we need to make America great again.

The problem for the detractors is that there is no “if only.” Donald is the nominee because he is masterful at winning, and even more importantly in this game we call an election, he’s a wizard at communicating.

In the first place, he stays on message. Consistently, he has associated himself with the idea of winning. For instance, this great quote reported by the Daily Orange:

We are going to win at the border… We’re going to win with trade. We’re going to win with jobs. We’re going to win with the economy. We’re going to win with our military. We’re going to win with vets. We’re going to win with health care. You’re going to say, “Mr. President, please, we can’t stand it, the winning is too much.”

Did I mention he’s winning?

Not only is the word indelibly associated with him, but the months of repetition has also had a hypnotic effect. Whether or not this was Trump’s intention doesn’t matter.

The result is clear: It has attracted disaffected voters in droves. Those are the voters who feel, perhaps justifiably, that they’ve been abandoned by Washington, that they have increasingly lost out to the elites over the last quarter century.

Now like most Americans they want to win and they want to be associated with a winner. They want to be associated with the winner who has first place in their mind: Trump.

Better still, the idea of Trump being a winner seems to have eventually worn down even his strongest opponent, Ted Cruz. Even before he officially bowed out of the race after taking a beating in Indiana, he had more or less conceded that Donald would be the winner.

If you doubt this, how else do you explain his strange, ill-fated attempt at teaming up with Governor Kasich, and equally bizarre decision to choose Carly Fiorina as his, as Ann Coulter put it, “limping mate”?

Like the rest of the Republican field, he too seems to have been hypnotized into a state where defeat seemed not so much a likely, but inevitable outcome.

It’s not surprising. Like the rest of us, for months he has been listening to Trump tell us he’s winning. That is a powerful lesson for us all.


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