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Gabbard’s DNC Resignation & Bernie Endorsement is Interesting But….

While I agree with Emily that Hawaii Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s resignation from the DNC and endorsement of Bernie Sanders is a significant story, it is not a story the mainstream media gives a crap about. They want the Democratic race to be over and done with so they can concentrate on the GOP.

All things considered, Trump’s refusal to repudiate an odious person like David Duke and an odious organization like the Klan hits a raw nerve in a way that Gabbard’s DNC resignation/endorsement of Bernie Sanders doesn’t.

As for Gabbard, her endorsement of Bernie should be taken as more of a protest vote than an agreement with his foreign policy. Frankly, Bernie doesn’t have a foreign policy to speak of and to the extent he has one, it is further left of Hillary. If anything, Gabbard is pretty much the closest thing the Democrats have to a Henry Jackson. She is also the closest thing the Democrats have to an independent thinker. Perhaps most notably, Gabbard publicly blasted Obama and Hillary’s strategy on ISIS last December. She did, however, vote for the Iran nuclear agreement.

When it is all said and done, no one really cares about the DNC. So Gabbard’s resignation from it matters little to people. As for her endorsement of Bernie, that will only matter if he wins some states on Super Tuesday (and possibly the Hawaii Democrat Caucus on March 26th). Given Gabbard’s hawkish viewpoint, I think her alliance with Bernie is destined to be short-lived.

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