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Iran’s “Moderates” Still Want Death to America & Death to Israel

It is no surprise that the mainstream media is celebrating the electoral triumph of Iran’s so-called “moderates” in its parliamentary elections.

Slate actually used this headline, “Hey, Actual Good News! Moderates Win Big in Iranian Elections”. The piece even describes Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as “a centrist with reformist leanings”. Somehow I don’t think Rouhani should ever be confused with Evan Bayh.

And where exactly is the good news? Let’s remember this is a regime that just last month kidnapped our Navy sailors and paraded them on state TV in violation of The Geneva Conventions.

Does anyone outside of the Obama Administration honestly think Iran won’t develop a nuclear weapon? After all, it was the “moderate” Rouhani who refused to stop enriching uranium.

Does anyone honestly think Iranian children will be prevented from chanting “Death to America! Death to Israel!”?

Does anyone honestly think Iran will discontinue its sponsorship of terrorism?

Does anyone honestly think the Iranian regime will stop imprisoning dissenters, engage in honor killings and execute homosexuals?

What I really find annoying is how the mainstream media treats Iran like it’s a legitimate Western democracy. Even The New York Times, while basking in the glow of this development, did note:

The parliament vote isn’t expected to herald large-scale change in Iranian policies, and it’s extremely unlikely that the winners will propose structural changes to reduce the role of Islam in government or law. The condition for them to run in the election was to remain loyal to the principles of the Islamic Republic.

And central among those principles is death to America and death to Israel.

So where exactly is this source of this moderation? Certainly not in Islam. As Turkish President Erdogan famously put it, “There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that is it.”

Naturally, media outlets in Israel put the word moderate in quotations where it concerns Iran. As shall I. Unfortunately, the Israeli media stands alone – again.

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