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How is Trump The Adult In The Room on Israel?

I read Frank’s assessment of last night’s debate. While I’m inclined to agree that Trump will ultimately survive Rubio and Cruz’s two front assault, I don’t see how he can claim Trump was the adult in the room where it concerned Israel. How is that possible if he so willfully ignorant of the situation on the ground?

Rubio is absolutely correct. We cannot be neutral where it concerns Israel and the Palestinians. Israel has free and fair elections while Mahmoud Abbas is in the 12th year of his four year term. The Palestinians are wantonly going into Israel and stabbing Jews and are praised by the Palestinian Authority for doing so. Jews who attack Palestinians are prosecuted by Israel to the fullest extent of the law. Israel is pro-American while the Palestinian Authority is most assuredly not.

If anything, I think Rubio and Cruz were restrained in their criticism of Trump on Israel. Their comments were confined to Trump’s remarks about being “neutral” on the question of Israel during the MSNBC Town Hall earlier this month. In December, while speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition, Trump actually questioned Israel’s willingness to make peace while levelling no criticism towards the Palestinian Authority, much less Hamas. Let’s see here. Israel returned the Sinai to Egypt, returned territory to Lebanon, unilaterally dismantled all settlements from Gaza (and have been rewarded with rocket attacks for their trouble) and have offered to surrender more land including parts of Jerusalem? If Trump thinks Israel’s efforts have been insufficient then what does he propose instead? While Trump is mulling that question over I would follow up with this one. What concession have the Palestinians ever given to Israel?

Rubio was also right to say that negotiating a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians isn’t a real estate deal. Yes, it involves land, but it involves so much more. How is peace is possible between a people who believe in the sanctity of life and a people who glorify martyrdom and death? Trump seems to think he can get Israel and the Palestinian Authority to make a deal based on his charm just as President Obama thought he could win over the Muslim world with his rhetorical gifts. Should he be elected President, Trump will have to learn the hard way. That is if he is prepared to learn at all.

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