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Look for Hillary to Exploit The Kalamazoo Shootings in Run Up to The Michigan Primary

Yesterday morning, we were greeted to the horrific news of a night in mayhem in Kalamazoo, Michigan in which a man went on a shooting spree in his vehicle claiming the lives of six people and gravely injuring two others.

Hillary Clinton wasted no time in tweeting the following, “Our hearts are in Kalamazoo today. We must end this epidemic. Communities across the country are paying the cost for inaction. -H”

The H always signifies that Hillary herself wrote the tweet in question.

Last October, Hillary unveiled a four point proposal on gun control. One of the prongs is to tighten existing background checks. But how would have tightening existing background checks have prevented what happened in Kalamazoo? While we don’t know how the suspect obtained his weapon, he did not have a criminal record. So presumably he would not have had any problem in purchasing one. How does an expanded background check exclude someone with no criminal record from owning a gun?

It has also emerged that the man in custody was an Uber driver and was picking up passengers in between killing people. An official with Uber indicated that the shooter passed their background check. Until Saturday night, there was no background check in the world the suspect would have failed.

Of course, none of this is going to deter Hillary Clinton. After all, she has a primary to win in Michigan two weeks from tomorrow with 147 delegates at stake.

Up until now, the big issue in Michigan has been the water crisis in Flint. Indeed, the next Democrat debate will take place on Flint two days before the primary. Hillary and Bernie are pretty much in simpatico on the issue and have outdoing each other in trying to crucify Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder. Hillary needs something to differentiate her from Bernie in Michigan and guns is the one issue where she has been consistently to the Left of Bernie.

As such look for Hillary to pivot from the evils of toxic water to the evils of semi-automatic weapons with Bernie Sanders in her sights. As I wrote back in October, Hillary will do everything to make Bernie “look like the reincarnation of Charlton Heston.” Hillary will do anything to pry the Democrat nomination from Bernie’s cold, dead hands.

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