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The Morning Spectacle: On The Upswing

In Our Sights

Jeb Bush has an education reform plan that’s definitely different from Barack Obama‘s. But only if you consider that Jeb Bush’s plan not only pays for two years of community college, it also pays back everyone who doesn’t eventually graduate. Because if there was one flaw with Obama’s plan, it was that it wasn’t expensive enough.

In a meeting with Republican leaders, Donald Trump promised not to run as an independent if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. Probably. Okay, no he definitely won’t run as an independent. Maybe. As far as he knows. Now.

The Federal government has “lost count” of the number of Federal departments and agencies it has. Estimates range everywhere from 60 to 430. So if you’re concerned the Federal government has gotten too big and confusing, don’t worry — they are too.

Hillary Clinton‘s emails that definitely did not have any classified information in them when she saw them, definitely did have classified information from at least three separate government agencies in them when she saw them.

The U.S. nabbed the alleged mastermind of the 1996 Khobar Towers bombingAhmed al-Mughassil, authorities said yesterday, when Mughassil called the wrong people in the process of booking a vacation to Beirut. The arrest ends a nearly two-decade manhunt for the man behind the deaths of 19 American servicemen.

Strange and Wonderful

Famed physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking unveiled a theory yesterday, stating that black holes may, in fact, be passages into other universes. The only problem? Once you enter one, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to return.

Around the Watercooler

Neal Dewing envisions a world where our Presidential candidates have superhero alter egosAl Gore is strangely not Captain Planet.

Breakfast With Oscar Wilde

Josh Earnest says Biden’s two previous campaigns (1988 and 2008) make him best prepared to be a good candidate…  

So is this the formula for success, two prior failures?  (Or did they steal that idea from Trump’s marital history?)

Have a great Thursday.

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