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Hillary Clinton “Happened” To Get Material That Was Later Classified. Or Something

Allahpundit is trying to parse Hillary’s spokeswoman’s statement out, translating it from “Clintonese” but that’s probably a losing effort.

The best can do with this statement from Brian Fallon, on a “press only” conference call this afternoon, is that Hillary Clinton did have classified emails on her server, and it’s just the result of friendly aides and associates passing things around between themselves, not knowing that Hillary Clinton’s server password was, in fact, “password.” Hillary just happened to be the Chappaqua Hipster of Classified information: she was always in possession of it before it was classified.

Or something.


So, if you’re paying attention, Hillary Clinton is too dumb to know what a “server wipe” is (although Talking Points Memo was apparently very impressed with that “zing” on a Fox News reporter, who probably does happen to know that you don’t wipe a server with a damp cloth), but may have ordered it wiped anyway (she just thought they were cleaning it!). She may have had classified information, but it wasn’t marked, which means that she had no idea it was classified, though if it was classified, it wasn’t marked because it wasn’t classified when she had it. Those marks might have been removed before they were passed to her so that it didn’t look like classified information was being sent around using her server, but someone had to know to wipe the marks off, and perhaps that was Hillary Clinton, but she was probably just telling her to get the fingerprints off those files on her dining room table, not reset the markings on her top secret missives.

Clinton is just your dumb old grandma who thinks texting is that thing Ben Franklin did when he printed up his newsletters.

I suppose, as Allah does, that she’s first trying to make the case that everyone else around her is an absolute evil genius hell bent on getting her into trouble, and that she was just drawn in thinking everything was hunky dory. If that doesn’t work, there’s Plan B: confuse the ever-living hell out of everyone involved so that they don’t consider she might be liable for perjuring herself in front of a Congressional committee. I mean, it worked for a Clinton once, right?

The problem for Hillary is that she isn’t as smooth or charming as her husband. And while people can argue over the meaning of “is,” it’s hard to parse out the meeting of “unwitting information,” mostly because that, as a concept, makes no sense. And she can’t play both sides of the fence, as a remarkable, forward thinking choice for President, banking on her remarkable record, and as a dumb-as-a-post “little lady,” caught in a firestorm of menacing aides. Doesn’t mean she won’t try. And I suppose it works to her advantage in at least one way: we have something to talk about aside from Donald Trump.

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