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From the Obama Ministry of Truth

Now, let’s see what we are supposed to believe today from the Obama Ministry of Truth….

First, that Hillary Rodham Clinton could possibly be taken seriously as a Presidential contender or a President. This is the woman who traveled one million miles with no positive accomplishments as Secretary of State. This is the woman who masterminded one of the great foreign policy catastrophes of all time… aiding the “Arab Spring” in which governments friendly to the west in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia were replaced with Islamists bent on destroying all human rights and the main repository of human rights on earth, The United States of America.

This is the woman who said, in what was supposedly total stone cold sobriety, “What does it matter how four Americans died in Benghazi? Whether they were killed by people walking down the street or by terrorists? They’re dead. So, what?” That’s a paraphrase.

Apparently, this future first female President does not realize that it matters because 1.) The killings themselves show that Mrs. Clinton was not doing her job properly, and 2.) Her lying about it was contempt of Congress and perjury and obstruction of justice.

So, we are supposed to believe that a supposedly non-inebriated person made these comments and they are worthy of a President.

What else.…

Well, we are supposed to believe that a massive assault by the IRS on a popular uprising called the Tea Party was known to the higher ups at the IRS, at the Justice Department, and at the White House.

But Mr. Obama, much too pure and innocent to be told about mistakes in his administration, was too busy bathing the feet of the poor and tending to lepers to be told that his administration was engaged in an Orwellian attack on free speech.

Now, you see if you fail to believe that, you are the worst thing that you can be in today’s world. You are a racist. You can be a homosexual. In fact, that’s a good thing. You can be a pornographer. In fact, you’re supposed to be a pornographer. You can kiss the butts of terrorists. That’s called leading from behind and abandoning American “exceptionalism,” a really wicked idea that America is exceptionally great. You can be all of these things. But no matter what, you cannot be a racist against blacks. (You can be a racist against whites.)

But if you criticize Mr Obama, you are a racist. Thus, quod erat demonstrandum, Mr. Obama cannot be criticized. So, he did not for a moment know that his IRS was tormenting the political movement that laid him low in 2010. And, if you doubt it, you’re a Klansman.

Let’s see what else we are supposed to believe….Oh, here’s the best one: that it’s fine, in fact, super fine, for a mother to kill a baby in the womb when it’s physically and mentally identical to a baby that’s just been born. That it’s fine to kill them if you don’t like their sex. But it’s anti-woman to want to keep them alive and not kill them because they are female babies.

And, it’s fine to kill 800,000 babies a year in abortion mills, but, it’s heinous to own a gun that you keep locked up in a closet and don’t even take out for years at a time and have never even aimed at a human being. That it’s urgently compelling to protect lizards in West Texas….but perfectly good — even a fine example of the progress women have made — to have women use abortion as a form of birth control.

God help us. Who would have ever dreamed things could go so wrong? And if Mr. Obama can never be held accountable because his father was a Kenyan, when does this ever stop?

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