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Lies and Liberalism

There is an organic connection between liberalism and lies. Lying is the lifeblood and mother’s milk of liberalism. Liberals and the left lie effortlessly and naturally. They are far more comfortable with lies than the truth. Speaking the truth is almost impossibility for them. It’s in their DNA.

The fraudulently labeled “Affordable Care Act” is typical of the millions of lies liberals have told over the years. President Obama and Democrats made promises and predictions they knew were untrue. They lied about what motivated the embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya. They lied, and continue to lie, without a second thought and without the slightest remorse.

Barack Obama took a sacred oath to uphold the Constitution. He never had the slightest intention of adhering to the Constitution, as we now well know. One of the traits liberals find endearing about Bill Clinton is his skill at lying and his ability to get away with it.

On his second day in office President Obama said, “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.” On the contrary, it has been the most opaque and duplicitous presidency in history. What he claimed could not have been further from the truth. The best way to evaluate what liberals say is to realize that what they say is really the polar opposite of what they believe.

Liberals cannot tell the truth, and in this context the word has two meanings. They cannot tell the truth because what they want to accomplish isn’t what most people want. And they cannot tell the truth because it’s become habitual not to. It is so much a part and parcel of their being that it’s become second nature. They do it without thinking. They actually enjoy lying. It’s their favorite pastime.

They realize that most people will reject liberalism if it is presented honestly and transparently.  If they were honest about liberalism they would lose the majority of their supporters. They lie because they have no confidence in their policies. If liberals told the truth, it would be the end of liberalism. They lie because truth does not serve them well. The truth does not help them advance their agenda.

Why does liberalism have to be a lie? At its core liberalism is itself a lie. A central, overarching belief of liberalism is that socialism and centralization of power are beneficial to societies and humanity.

That belief is a lie. It is a lie that permeates and infects all that they say and do. Socialism has been a failure wherever it’s been tried and they know it. They lie to themselves and to everyone else.

They lie because they get away with lying. They succeed because their supporters are gullible.

Arrogance is why they can lie with a clear conscience. It is the widespread application of the end justifying the means. They are so existentially certain that they are right and that their opponents are misguided and ignorant that any strategy is justified. If you have a mindset of needing to tell and force other people how to live their lives, you have to believe that you’re better, smarter, and more informed than they are. Humility is an attitude that never enters their minds.

They are certain that the people they’re lying to are just a bunch of rubes anyway. They cannot imagine any legitimate reason anyone would disagree with them. If you disagree there must be something wrong with you. Lying to someone means you have contempt for him.

They lie about who their opponents are. They say their opponents are racists, woman haters, and “mean spirited.” Those are slanders and they know it. They lie about anyone who dares to disagree with them.

They have to lie about who and what Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin, are. Otherwise, people wouldn’t hate them. If Rush Limbaugh were as bad as they say he is, it would not be necessary to make things up about him and deliberately distort what he says.

Why do they have to call abortion “choice?” Why can’t they call it what it is? Abortion is not about “choice,” a “woman’s right to choose,” “reproductive rights,” or “women’s health.” It’s about terminating innocent life. At the very least is a tragic choice that is made far too often and far too casually. To put it mildly, abortion is not something to be proud of or anything to celebrate.

Books such as Silent Spring, The Population Bomb, and An Inconvenient Truth have all been used as excuses for countless destructive public policies. It is now obvious that these highly influential books are filled with fabrications, distortions, and gross exaggerations. Why is exaggeration necessary? Why isn’t the truth sufficient? The truth is not sufficient because it doesn’t serve them well in achieving their objectives.

They deliberately understate the long-term costs of government programs they advocate. Time and again their programs cost tens or hundreds of times their duplicitous projections. That one kind of lie by itself is almost enough to explain our enormous national debt.

They lie about what their true objectives and motives are. They are not trying to save humanity from global warming, they are trying to increase their power and control and decrease your freedom. Obamacare is not about expanding health care coverage, it’s about the government taking control of a sixth of the economy.

Liberal dishonesty makes it impossible to debate issues with them. When one side of a debate has absolutely no qualms about concealing its real objectives, is willing to fabricate and grossly exaggerate the facts, there is no possibility for authentic dialogue. Lying is a way of avoiding a real debate that they know they would lose. Accusing their opponents of racism is a way to deflect an honest debate.

Conservatives are forthright in what their vision of society is. They are proud and transparent about what they want for society and the economy. Conservatives feel no need to disguise what their vision for society is.

There is zero chance that liberals will ever stop lying. The best thing conservatives can do is to fully recognize the liberal addiction and to deal with it accordingly. Hoping that someday they will change is futile. We can’t stop them from lying, but we can stop ourselves from denying that reality. It is naïve to attribute honesty and openness to liberals. Doing so is one of the reasons they get away with their duplicity. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

What happens in the future depends on the winner of the power struggle between the truth and lies. This is not the time for conservatives to give up the fight.

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