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The Schneiderman File: Thanks to Donald Trump

First, many thanks to Donald Trump for his kind tweets of yesterday’s article: “Is Eric Schneiderman a Crook”. 

The response from readers has been very favorable — and I suspect for a reason. 

In an era when the power and conduct of government itself has become the issue — whether ObamaCare or the IRS or any number of other issues — the targeting of Donald Trump by an Obama ally who makes no bones about using his prosecutorial powers for his own political purposes strikes home.

There is a recognition out there that if Donald Trump can be treated in this fashion….who is next? And that next person in line….think of all those very middle-class, hard-working average American Tea Party organizers who have already been targeted (and, we learned this week, continue to be targeted) by the IRS ….may not have the resources Donald Trump has to fight back. 

In other words, this story resonates. What is plain…very plain….is that in the name of Liberal Cause X both Schneiderman and Obama have no hesitation in abusing the powers of their office. And in the case of Schneiderman, (who has been fingered as corrupt by a witness in a federal investigation of dirty New York State Senators) it is clear that his conduct of the office of Attorney General of New York is beginning to draw so many questions that he needs to employ that old lawyers’ trick of holding out the proverbial shiny object to distract the jury — the national and New York media — from his own conduct.

Donald Trump is that shiny object.

Which in fact makes him the latest, if the highest profile, target of those who cannot abide criticism of their agenda.

In looking into Mr. Schneiderman…something the mainstream media mysteriously can’t bring itself to do…it became abundantly clear that he has demonstrated a repeated willingness to abuse his positions of public trust for political –that would be personal — gain. Long before he filed his suit against Donald Trump allegations — serious allegations, one of them made in a federal court room in front of a federal judge — were out there that Eric Schneiderman was using the office of Attorney General of New York to reward his friends and punish his enemies. Not to mention that, in the words of Charles Gasparino of Fox Business, Schneiderman “seems to spare no expense in attacking critics of President Obama but hasn’t lifted an investigative finger when it comes to the sleaze involving fat cats in his own party.”

And you wonder what may have been discussed in that now infamous “private” meeting between President Obama and his acolyte, Eric Schneiderman? Just hours before Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against Mr. Trump — one of the President’s most famous critics? 

This is serious business.

We will follow it here in this space, with a focus on what we will call “The Schneiderman File.” Keeping an eye on Donald Trump’s battle with Schneiderman — with an understanding that, as mentioned yesterday, Mr. Trump isn’t being sued — he is being targeted.

Eric Schneiderman is to law enforcement what Bernie Madoff was to investing. Using his official powers to run a political scam. Posing as a tough prosecutor when in fact this is nothing more than a political lightweight scheming to use his official office for his personal gain — in this case getting more political power. Which, as day follows night, he would doubtless abuse as well.

So in this corner, the Schneiderman File is open. 

We will be watching.

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