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Scarborough: A Dope on Dope?

One understands the desperation that can overtake a television host when no one is watching his or her show.

But really.

Is Joe Scarborough really that clueless about marijuana?

Yesterday Joe did yet again the tired old “I’m a sophisticated conservative — really” routine by bashing Sean Hannity.

So the MSNBC game plan was: Scarborough would pretend that Hannity was unsympathetic to Trayvon Martin. Which is laughably not true if one is paying attention The number of times Hannity has called this entire event a tragic misunderstanding are at this point countless.                 

To accomplish this small-minded feat that makes Joe a favorite of the pale pastel set, Joe took a Hannity radio crack about President Obama saying that Trayvon Martin “could have been me” and turned it into something that wasn’t. A Hannity joke…hello..does Joe listen?…about marijuana and Obama’s youthful pot-smoking “Choom Gang” was turned by Joe into one of those Waspy, stiff-butt moderate Republican lectures about not being, you know, “with it” when it comes to dope. (Or whatever is seen as the “hip” topic of the moment that unleashes the GOP moderate’s inner Ward Cleaver.)

Hmmm. Hannity answered, here at Mediaite.

But the incident raises an amusing if serious question.

Is Joe Scarborough that clueless about marijuana that he has no idea it can make its user, among other things, paranoid? This is basic ’60s 101. Now long since verified scientifically, as here in this study from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. To quote directly:

….it’s long been noted that cannabis can prompt the onset of psychotic symptoms, such as paranoia and/or delusional thinking, among otherwise healthy people.

No joking aside, marijuana was found in Trayvon Martin’s system. Was he paranoid when he attacked George Zimmerman? Because of this?

In fact, we will never know.

But the fact that Joe Scarborough is a dope about dope is, well, dopey.

I’d say this Scarborough rant was shameful, but then again, I think shame was left behind a long time ago over there at MSNBC.

Besides, who wants to watch dopes on the ropes?

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