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Hannity Features Black Conservatives Tonight

Tonight Sean Hannity will be hosting a one-hour special (9 pm on Fox) on black conservatives and the discrimination they face because of their political beliefs.

Over time in this space we’ve written frequently about what we’ve come to call “skin color liberals.” The hard reality is that liberals now and throughout American history have depended on a political formula that is as simple as it is old. To wit: Judge everyone by race, link to class, and exploit both to build Big Government.

Since the formal beginning of the United States under the Constitution, and specifically with the founding of the Democratic Party in 1800, the tie between race and big government has been the essential building block first for the party, and ultimately, in the broader context, for American liberalism itself.

Modern institutions that no one associates with race – institutions like the Federal Reserve, Social Security and the federal school lunch program – were all created by liberals whose very political careers were built on the cornerstone of racism.

In today’s world this is called “playing the race card.” And as the civil rights revolution of the 1960’s finally defeated the liberal segregationists who were the backbone of the Democratic Party, there was a brief moment of hope that the country was at last headed into the promised land of a colorblind America.

That hope was quickly dashed as liberals took up the issue of racial exploitation and made it the centerpiece for both their political party and broader American society. Today, as racial demagogues seek to exploit everything from the issue of immigration to school choice, “playing the race card,” as it is politely called today, is once again a liberal standard. From the halls of Congress to Eric Holder’s Justice Department to the studios of MSNBC, the use of racism as a political club is as common now as it was when the Ku Klux Klan was busy running the 1924 Democratic Convention and the progressive media was led by the arch-segregationist and Woodrow Wilson-Franklin Roosevelt ally and Cabinet appointee Josephus Daniels.

But there is a fly in the ointment here: the rise of today’s black conservatives. Men and women who have, at a price, rejected the demands that they stay on the liberal plantation. Men like the famed Johns Hopkins pediatric surgeon Dr. Ben Carson who, as with millions of their fellow Americans of all colors, really do believe in Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind America. Women who believe in, in the words of Tea Party activist Deneen Borelli (whom we have profiled here), the “benefits of individualism, limited government and liberty.”

Tonight, Sean Hannity will sit down for an hour with those men and women who have made a point of standing up for a colorblind America. Black Americans – or as we like to say, Americans who happen to be black – who believe America is at a crossroads. Either we are headed backwards to the days of judging by color, or moving forwards to the colorblind ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal (and) endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Tune in tonight. Hannity. 9 pm. Fox.

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