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Hannity: Secure the Border First

There’s a report out there in a story by the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza that is written up this way in Politico and was also quoted by Rush Limbaugh. Here’s the pull quote:

Fox News has notably changed its tone since the election.… McCain told me, “Rupert Murdoch is a strong supporter of immigration reform, and Roger Ailes is, too.”… McCain said that he, Graham, Rubio, and others also have talked privately to top hosts at Fox, including Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Neil Cavuto, who are now relatively sympathetic to the Gang’s proposed bill.… The unity of the Gang fractured at one point when Rubio, who often tried to find ways to set himself apart from the seven other senators, announced his support for an amendment requiring biometric tracking for visa holders which the Gang had agreed to oppose.

Hannity addressed the issue this afternoon saying that while he believes there is a compassionate way to deal with the 11 million immigrants in the country, Issue One with him is border security.

In short, Hannity is still exactly where he was on the issue.

Secure the border first. 

It can’t be much clearer or simpler than that.

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