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Charles Krauthammer and The Limbaugh Theorem

Last night on Brett Baier’s Special Report on Fox and again on The O’Reilly Factor, Charles Krauthammer noted that President Obama acts as the “bystander president” and that Obama “disappears” when things happen. The O’Reilly — Krauthammer discussion is written up here at Mediaite. 

Krauthammer is right, and so is O’Reilly.

But what’s missing here?

For months….months….Rush Limbaugh has been pointing this out. Calling it “The Limbaugh Theorem,” Rush noted of what he calls “low information voters” that “they think that what’s happening in the country has nothing to do with Obama…..He’s not seen as responsible for any of this.” So often has Rush explained The Limbaugh Theorem (as here) that it has, in the way of the modern world, long since entered the political vernacular. As here over at Commentary, for example. Or here at WND.

So often has it been used that Rush has said, as quoted in that WND article:

This notion gains more traction every day, but Rush doesn’t care if he gets credit for the concept.

“Basically I got people e-mailing me saying, ‘Everybody’s using that now, but nobody’s mentioning your name,’” Limbaugh told his audience, adding, “I’m not about getting credit.… All I care about is that you people in the audience know the truth about things, and whether anybody else does, that’s for events to flow of their own inertia, history to take care of. Being right is its own validation.’”

Charles Krauthammer never mentioned it last night in his two Fox appearances. But what he was describing without mentioning it was The Limbaugh Theorem.

Just saying.

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