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Appoint Eric Bolling to the U.S. Senate

I agree with Bob Beckel.

Just as I was sitting down to write my light-bulb thought that Governor Christie should appoint Eric Bolling of Fox News to be the interim U.S. Senator from New Jersey to replace the late Frank Lautenberg — none other than the liberal Bob Beckel made the exact suggestion of his The Five colleague Bolling. Whether in jest or not, it was hard to tell, Beckel being a very funny guy.

But no jesting here.

Bolling, a New Jersey resident who lost a home, as I recall, in Hurricane Sandy, would be a superb choice for an interim seat in the Senate. His real life experience includes a blossoming baseball career with the Pittsburgh Pirates that was cut short with an injury. With New Jersey having already elected the New York Knicks star basketball player Bill Bradley to the Senate, Bolling would be the second serious athlete to hold a Garden State Senate seat. He could spend his few months as Senator Bolling illustrating conservative principle each and every day. A former commodities trader in the world of energy he is well-placed to discuss America’s energy problem and, most importantly, the importance of the free market.

Every day he could talk about the latest scandal revelation and relate it to the U.S. Constitution. Think of it: a Senator — from New Jersey! — who wouldn’t care a whit about his re-election and could use his senatorial bully pulpit to educate New Jersey voters on the founding principles of the country — and just why we are having all these Big Government scandals in the first place.

As for his friend Governor Christie?

What an ideal way to play to attract votes from the GOP base in 2016.

Former Reagan campaign aide Joe Kyrillos, now with grayer hair than I recall him in 1984, would also be a good choice.

But the idea of a Bolling pick? And what Bolling could in fact in a few short months in the U.S. Senate in terms of educating America on the Constitution?


And in return?

In return I would be willing to watch The Four until October 16, the date of the special election.

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