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Gosnell Jury Hung on Two Murder Charges

This just in from NBC Philadelphia:

The jury deliberating in the capital murder trial against former Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell says they’re hung on two counts.

The jury of seven women and five men are weighing more than 250 charges against the Gosnell with the most serious being four counts of first-degree murder.

It is currently unclear on which charges the jury is deadlocked.

Judge Jeffrey Minehart already dropped one murder charge, involving Baby Boy B, who was killed by Gosnell, had his neck slit, and was frozen in a water jug in a freezer. Gosnell still faces four first-degree murder charges in the deaths of four babies, as well as a third-degree murder charge for killing Karnamaya Mongar in a botched abortion.

Murder aside, Gosnell is unlikely to escape unscathed thanks to the hefty list of charges against him, most of which address the violations of Pennsylvania abortion law that he committed in his barbarous, crumbling clinic. But the first-degree murder charges are the most important; not only are they the only true justice for Gosnell’s crimes, but they also cut to the heart of the issue of abortion. Simply put: If the babies were stillborn because they were killed by Gosnell within the mother, then Gosnell will be cleared. If they were killed afterwards when Gosnell slit their throats, then it’s murder.

This is moral madness, and it’s why the Gosnell trial is so unique: It forces us to face the cold reality of abortion. Already one reporter covering the courtroom proceedings has switched from pro-choice to pro-life. Why? Because the pro-choice position is premised on soothing euphemisms: “choice” and “medical procedure” and so forth. Gosnell’s crimes explode that rhetoric. They show that abortion is the unquestionable taking of a life.

Now let’s just hope more people start paying attention.

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