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Morning Round-Up 4-2-13

Fight for it as long as you possibly can consistently with saving as much of it as you possibly can; but stave off the fighting by gradual and insignificant concessions where possible. –George Saintsbury on sound militant conservatism

Morning Headlines 


  1. NY Mayoral Race Corruption
    1. Reuters–NY politicians arrested in alleged mayoral race bribe scheme
    2. AP–Lawmaker Accused of Bribes in NYC Mayor Race Plot
    3. WSJ—Six Arrested in Bribery Probe
    4. NYT—Lawmakers in New York Tied to Bribery Plot in Mayor Rac

 Associated Press

  1. Obama, in Colorado, To Press For Gun Measures

 Wall Street Journal

  1. Obama Tries to Resume Gun Push (4/2)

 Washington Post

  1. Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit  
  2. Newark’s problems weigh on Cory Booker’s potential Senate bid



 I.              North Korea Blocks Entrance to South

  1. Reuters–North Korea pressures South by halting entry to industrial zone
  2. AP–NKorea Refuses To Let SKoreans Enter Joint Factory
  3. NYT–North Korea Blocks Workers from South At Border
  4. Washington Post–N. Korea bans entry of S. Korean workers to joint industrial park near border 
  1. I.               Israeli-Gaza Border Tensions
    1. Reuters–Hostilities flare among Israeli-Gaza border
    2. AP—Israel, Gaza Launch Heaviest Strikes Since Truce
    3. NYT–Clashes Resume Across Israel-Gaza Border as Tensions Mount

Associated Press

  1. US Moves On NKorea Aimed At Deterring New Leader
  2. Officials: Kerry To Travel To Mideast This Weekend
  3. Poll: Pakistani Youth Disenchanted With Democracy   

Wall Street Journal

  1. Seoul Seeks Ability to Make Nuclear Fuel
  2. Cyprus, IMF Reach Bailout Agreement
  3. Egypt’s Subsidies Stall Its IMF Aid (4/2)

New York Times

  1. In Mexican Villages, Few Are Left to Dream of U.S.

Washington Post

  1. U.S. struggling to contain nuclear threats from North Korea, Iran
  2. Taliban raids Afghan provincial capital
  3. U.S., Jordan stepping up training of Syrian opposition

Washington Times

            1. ‘Reckless’ Kim Jong-un won’t be tolerated; Kerry strikes back at North Korean threats

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:


  1. Hamas Preparing To Ban ‘Mixed-Sex Schools’ In Palestinian Territory
  2. Atlanta Public School Educators Begin Reporting To Jail In Cheating Scandal (4/2) 

The Daily Caller

  1. First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration
  2. Progressive ‘Dump DeMarco’ campaign gives Obama administration a headach

Hot Air

  1. North Korea bars South Korean workers from joint industrial facility

National Review

  1. Open-Borders Reporters Ban ‘Illegal Immigrant’
  2. Stockton’s Racket—And Ours   

The Weekly Standard

  1. Obama Pushes ‘to Make More home Loans to People With Weaker Credit’

Washington Free Beacon

  1. Risky Business: Military buildup in China near North Korean border continues as tanks, armored vehicles spotted
  2. King: Obama ‘Blew It’ on the West Coast Missile Defense System  

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

Huffington Post

  1. North Carolina May Declare Official Religion Under New Bill
  2. Obama’s EU Trade Deal Would Include New Political Powers For Corporations    

Talking Points Memo

  1. Innovator!

The Daily Beast

  1. Gun Control Stalls After Sandy Hook, But Stage Set for Changes to Come
  2. Crackdown in Egypt: Bassem Youssef and Alaa Abdel Fattah Face Charges



Associated PressIt’s Official: Sanford Facing Colbert Busch in SC 

Wall Street JournalSEC Embraces Social Media (4/2)

New York Times—Sandbag Season Has Fargo Thinking of a Better Way 

The Daily Caller—4 percent of Americans believe lizard people control world

Gizmodo—The Cellphone Turns 40 Today

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