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Thanksgiving was fun, no? Having got our fill of turkey and family, we’re settling back in to a regular publishing schedule. The December issue is at the printer and the fact that it’s a double issue allows us to catch our collective breath for a moment and address some reader concerns about the current incarnation of this website.

First, several readers complained that the font sizes were too small. We bumped the normal font sizes up all around and then decided to make the text size of the articles variable. Hope that did the trick.

Second, we continue to receive queries about how people can become “members” to access the archives. The wording is unfortunate and will be changed soon. What it’s supposed to say is that only subscribers can access the electronic archives of the print magazine, and even that would be premature. As of yet, we do not have a digital archive of the print mag on the web. (It’s in the offing but may take a bit.)

On a related note, readers continue to sign up for a newsletter that, thus far, does not exist. You are not, however, signing up in vain. Come the new year, we plan to put something together.

Third, some people have problems finding old Prowler articles either because they are following links that no longer work or because the new search engine doesn’t work exactly the way they expect it will. We suggest that you first try to select a columnist from the list and click “Show Results.” If that doesn’t work, try typing the author’s name into the “Global Search” right below. And if that doesn’t work, drop us a line and we’ll try to assist you.

Finally, a request: If you enjoy reading TAS online, realize that it’s made possible by donations and subscriptions to the print version of the The American Spectator. If you enjoy what you read here and would like to make sure that it’s around for a good long time, please subscribe.

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