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Re: The Washington Prowler’s Curse of the Menino (scroll down):

As one of the 37 conservatives here in Boston, I found the Prowler’s summation of the Menino/DNC relationship and subsequent problems to be spot on. The DNC convention here in July is shaping up to be the “perfect storm” of liberal hypocrisy. Menino had to promise more to both the DNC and to local businesses than he could ever hope to deliver as a way to crown his achievements here as mayor. Now, as the convention planners find a dearth of local talent to produce this show, Menino is in big-time scramble mode. Just wait until the DNC goes through the extortion of having to pay the local teamsters for their services. The “sucky convention” is going to cost the DNC more than they ever could have imagined. Dare they hire non-union labor? Finally put in the position of consuming above-market priced labor like the very same companies hizzonor is hitting up for sponsorship (not to mention the public agencies that annually operate in the red) you’d think they would see the light. It would appear that buying union votes is almost as expensive as buying union labor.
William H. Stewart
Boston, Massachusetts

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Knowing Howie As I Do:

Robert Emmett Tyrrell, Junior, you quit this tease right now. We wish to know all.
Geraldine K. Smith
San Jacinto, California
(Subscriber for at least a hundred years.)

Hey, Mr. T: just spill the beans, for crying out loud! Inquiring minds want to know. And so do serious students of the political process as well as just plain gasbag gossips! But I do predict you will reveal Mr. Dean’s political callowness with delight. After all, you guys exposed — excuse the word — President William Jefferson Horndog’s predilection for troopers as procurers of fair damsels to be put in distress. And I cheered you on! BTW, I’m a long-time subscriber to the AS which sets off skirmishes at my house over who gets first read. Keep on powerin’ through.
Anisa Angarola

I have finished reading your column “Knowing Howie As I Do.” Just tell the truth about Dr. Dean to the press. That should do it.
Dave Goforth

I usually enjoy you articles but I am a little perplexed by this one. You are evidently speaking as an outsider, one who has had discourse with Dean, but didn’t really see him in action. I remember those shows you speak of but never bothered to watch them because they were in essence phony. The Dean face on there was far different than the Dean face in office in Vermont. Howard Dean was one of the sneakiest SOB’s ever to hold the governor’s office. Ruth Dwyer ran two campaigns against him for Governor and found out just how vicious he is. The Civil Union battle showed us just how underhanded he can be and more than a few business people, along with some municipalities, found out how vindictive he is. You may think you knew Dean from his “political virginity” but we were legislative freshmen from Burlington together back in 1983, when he first was elected to office. We went head to head then. He was the Planned Parenthood advocate, along with every other liberal Democrat cause of the time, including the defunct Nuclear Freeze movement. The biggest issue was ERA, which was defeated at public referendum and which he had a big hand in getting it pushed through the legislature( I was in opposition). Political Virgin? Give me a break. It’s about time you came down to earth concerning this person and really looked at what he is. Only those of us who fought him in this state and who bear the burden of his decisions really understand what he is all about.
Pete Chagnon

Re: David Hogberg’s Paranoia at the Des Moines Register:

Many of the articles I read in the conservative press correctly point out the excesses of loony left journalism. But this is not news anymore. The information that might be interesting is:

Who or what is the Des Moines Register? Who owns it? Is it public? Can I buy stock? When is the next shareholders meeting? Are directors’ meetings ever public? Who is the editor and what is his background? Who insures the paper? Can the insurer be lobbied to pull coverage on the grounds that sooner or later this person, and probably others, is going to slide over into actionable defamation? What is their street address? Email addresses for complaint? Names and addresses of senior officers and management? Is the board a conservative board? How do they let people like this publish? Do they even know?

The only thing I have ever admired in the left is their energy. We conservatives are sometimes too lazy in waging the cultural war. There are lots of things we can do but we need your help in getting information.
Fred Z

Perhaps the author would have benefited from seeing the c-span forum the other night about the Iraq “quagmire,” some pretty bright folks up there speaking and I’ll tell, no bleeding heart liberals or ’60s protesters. As a summation of all the points of view, basically, the best we can expect is quite a bit less than we’d like. To a man, they agreed that the administration misled, had no plan for the aftermath, and face an extremely difficult task in trying to forge one “democratic” government out of three very disparate and fairly hostile ethnic groups. I think you oversimplify what is a very complex issue and actually do a disservice by implying that the issue is one of “patriotism”
Thank you
Ron Doherty

Re: Joel Miller’s Right Kick:

Thanks for the Joel Miller column regarding the Republican drive for continuous re-election. He confirms my thoughts. Kinda wish he didn’t, because I thought I was just cynical.

Sometimes it’s not nice to know one is right.
L. A. Stich
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Joel Miller hit the nail on the head. The GOP is no longer the party of limited government, so they might as well stop pretending that they are.

This is one voter who’ll not make the mistake of voting Republican again … ever.
Brett Carter

Re: George Neumayr’s Vatican Shuffler and Reader Mail’s Popping Off:

George Neumayr has a way with words. Direct and incisive, his verbal assault on Renato Cardinal Martino’s astonishing criticism of the U.S. military’s handling of Saddam Hussein, or the senseless invitation to a Hip-hop artist, Lauryn Hill, to a Vatican Christmas festival, describes the continuing saga of the disastrous decline of the Vatican’s credibility in foreign, as well as religious, affairs. One truly wonders if the pontiff knows what is happening around him.

I was assigned to the US Embassy to The Holy See during Gulf War I, and our ambassador was successful in convincing Pope John Paul II that it was a just war. With his leadership, the Curia, with few dissenters, went along. The pontiff no longer seems to direct what transpires within the Vatican, and, as a result, actions unimaginable in the past now occur with alarming frequency.

The Vatican Christmas party is intended, among other things, for children, and a suitable music program is presented. But the Vatican organizers must have known the potential problem Hill presented, and yet, those doubts, were trumped. Why? I suspect being politically correct played some role in extending the invitation. Both the Martino and Hill incidents are, sadly, characteristic of too much of what happens in the Vatican today.

Those close to the situation believe that the pope will not survive another year. They have been proven wrong before, but, I suspect, not this time. Meanwhile, the daily disarray within the Church becomes more evident and the likelihood of more of these episodes grows. To quote the wrong man, perhaps, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”
Vincent Chiarello
Reston, Virginia

I wish I were in the States now to congratulate you on this nothing-less-than-brilliant piece of journalism called Vatican Shuffler. Unfortunately, the disgraces among the clergy you comment on is so very true — hypocrisy coming from the highest-ranking officials in Holy Church. Do we seem to be in the advanced, more putrefying stages of a corporate apostasy within the Church or am I just seeing things? The process of autodemolition signaled at by Pope Paul Vi seems to be well alive and kicking, thank you. Let’s just see where it will lead the Church, the West — and the whole of mankind.
With my very best wishes for 2004.
Laureano Pelegrin
São Paulo, Brazil

Mr. Neumayr writes an article worthy of reprinting and posting on every bulletin board at every Catholic Church throughout the country and the world. He captures the lunacy of the current crop of leftist liberal wackos who inhabit our wonderful church and are leading the faithful to perdition. It makes me feel great that my thinking is reinforced by a man with the abilities of George Neumayr. Thank you, Mr. Neumayr.
Gene Brennan
Chatham, Massachusetts

George Neumayr’s article on Cardinal Martino skipped over the most likely reason for his latest anti-American fusillade: he’s obviously trying to move up a few slots on Fr. Richard McBrien’s short list for Pope!
Patrick Korten
Great Falls, Virginia

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