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Re: David Hogberg’s Loose Lips Sink Campaigns:

If Mr. Hogberg thinks America is safer with Saddam Hussein captured, then he is delusional. The Bush Administration just heightened the alert and made motions to tighten airline security because of increased fears about safety. It may be true that Howard Dean speaks what’s in his heart before he settles for generic-talk, the stuff Mr. Hogberg undoubtedly thinks is the kind of talk we should continue to hear from Washington. But Howard Dean’s loose lips have said a lot that needs to be said, whether it’s that Democrats need to win the votes of Southerners on economic issues or that in our system of government, people, even Osama bin Laden, need to be proven guilty by trial.

The press is not allowed to talk to Mr. Bush freely. If they were, they would have more material than they knew what to do with, when it comes to lies and inanities. Meanwhile, they write about trivial stuff — no wonder the country is in such bad shape!
Carole Glickfield

This is regarding David Hogberg’s “As the saying goes, ‘Loose lips sink ships.’ Too many liberal pundits have forgotten that they can also sink campaigns.” Everything Hogberg says makes sense. The problem is, people tend to forget.

Increasingly, elections are decided by current “image.” The important questions are: What is the composite picture of a candidate, and how recent is it? It may have very little to do with words spoken, unless these are (1) utterly outrageous, and/or (2) spoken in the last few weeks or days before an election.

Most of us are afflicted with “attention deficit disorder.” I suspect that the Iowans and South Carolinians are not even going to have much recall of Dean’s gaffes, unless Dean himself regularly freshens the stream.
Jeffrey S. Erickson
Davidson, North Carolina

One point of view I have not seem regarding Dean’s loose lips is that he actually is voicing publicly what a majority of Democrats often think privately. That the Democrat elites want to reign him in show that they really do know that the positions they hold privately are untenable to about 60% of Americans. That Dean does not obfuscate and yet has a considerable following also shows that at a certain point, what a good percentage of the Democrats hold inside MUST burst forth at some point. Hopefully they have been premature in this move and it will severely damage the party for many years to come.
Steven Cade
Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

Dean sure suffers from “foot-in-the-mouth disease!”

By the time the primaries roll in, he may have to roll in on a wheel-chair, as there will be no foot of his left due to his extreme leftist views.
M. D’Souza

Re: Jed Babbin’s Happy Rejectionist New Year:

A great summary of exactly how I feel. How did you know?
Rich Renken
Chesterfield, Missouri

I received Jed’s article courtesy of a friend who asked “at what age were you and Jed separated at the hip?” I’d swear if I didn’t know better I’d claim Jed picked my brain apart and dashed off his fine article. It is not often enough that we can read something written well that reflects our philosophy that gently pokes fun at the true idiots of our world, but, also, tackles the truth and exposes the naysayers for what they are: idiots!

Three cheers to Jed, and this New Year’s toast will be with fine wine, Made in America!
Mike Jones
Upland, California.

Congratulations, Jed, on a great manifesto. It certainly matches my mood. We should be actively working to undermine the French more at home too. For a country that cannot build an aircraft carrier that works correctly, there seem to be opportunities in Europe. Anyone for an EFTA (European Free Trade Association) with the U.S.? And anyone who doesn’t join (or isn’t invited to join) we will start requiring visas and background checks and lots of other things when they try to visit the U.S.

Paris delenda est!
Bryan Mullinax
Monument, Colorado

HEAR HEAR, BRAVO BRAVO! Great line about where the U.N. could find another place to enjoy the freedom they can’t get in their own countries. To your rejections I can only add: both senators from Vermont and boycotts of our neighbors Canada and Mexico.

Have a great ’04,
Gene Hauber
Meshoppen, Pennsylvania

Re: Enemy Central’s Enemy of the Year:

In chewing the cud provided by your Enemy of the Year award, it occurred to me: We seem to be on the verge of Mad Howie Disease or BSG (bloviated spongiform gasbagopathy).

The good news is we won’t have to quarantine this particular source before he pollutes the policy discourse food chain. He has aggressively taken that task upon himself with his nonstop, anti-American, gloom & doom nincompoopery. There may be something more gratifying than watching a well-heeled, fat-headed, self-absorbed would-be adversary trivialize himself into extinction by drinking his own bathwater with a self-satisfied slurp!, but at the moment it eludes me….
Thomas E. Stuart
Kapa’au, Hawaii

“…we could not recall, perhaps owing to a medical condition…”

The condition is called “Euphoric Recall.” It’s best known to me by my inability to remember just how bad my experiences with women have been, forever consigning me to approaching the next one with joy and anticipation (Euphoric Recall) ; unable to recall with sufficient force the memory of my last debacle with them!!
Bill Ryan

Re: Shawn Macomber’s Gassing Poetic and Washington Prowler’s Dean Is in the Details:

Even the best of sitcoms can’t compare with this primary. No laff track necessary, either. I read TAS this morning and laughed so hard, tears streamed down my cheeks. John F***ing Kerry doing Robert Frost over a ladle of chili in New Hampshire while Dean is contemplating a possible Elmer Gantry tour of the South is the ultimate reality show. It’s like “The Simple Life” meets “Survivor.”
Kitty Myers
Painted Post, New York

Howard Dean is so transparent that I wonder why his ardent followers can’t see through him. The thought of this country being under his control is downright scary. This is a man who would love to dictate, he doesn’t appear to have any compassion and seems to be so full of hate for everything. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs so hopefully Howard Dean can find some comfort in his religion whatever that is. His followers must be aware that he has hinted at changing streams if he doesn’t get the nomination. In other words, Howard Dean would pick up his toys and go home! Some

Dean’s purported description of Jesus (in the past tense, no less) is so political and secular it actually well describes George W. Bush in his own courageous and iconoclastic global campaign for democracy and freedom for the oppressed of Third World countries (and no doubt France too):

“[He] was someone who sought out people who were disenfranchised, people who were left behind. He fought against self-righteousness of people who had everything.… He was a person who set an extraordinary example.”
Eric in Denver

Candy Crowley, a Republican apologist posing as a CNN reporter, understandably likes to diss Howard Dean. “Howard Dean will not win Ms. Congeniality,” she states. “He does not like taking it but he sure like to dish it out.”

This worries her and other Republican cheerleaders for Howard Dean’s approach is in sharp contrast to the remainder of the Democratic establishment which goes out of its way not to offend Republican sensibilities even as right wing propaganda organs fire full broadsides. Only in America has the populations been conditioned like Pavlov’s mutt to believe that “liberal” is a dirty word Before Dean, the strategy of Democratic nominees was to stay as low as possible and hope for the republicans to self-destruct a la Nixon or for the economy to circle the drain. The new boss would be the same as the old boss, only with better manners. Political and philosophical cowardice is the hall mark of those Democratic nominees now attacking Dean.

They did not even begin to question or criticize Bush in any way until Dean showed them it was OK (and the polls showed there was a market for it).

Kerry and Gephardt are unelectable in a national general election, which is why the Republican spin meisters and the cowed main stream media are trying to talk them back into this race trying to talk about how Dean is fracturing the Democratic party. Are you kidding? Would Kerry have to mortgage his house to keep the show going if this was a contentious race? They are being steam rolled and they don’t understand why.

And the why is because their way of looking at the world is not that different from the neoconservative theoreticians they want to replace. It is the politics of old men leading an old country, going broke and in debt trying to maintain it’s antiquated vision of a fictitious empire.

Only Howard Dean has the integrated philosophy which views America as a young country, just entering adulthood, and which realizes that if it can get its act together, the United States can truly fulfill its rightful destiny of leading the world to a better place.
Thomas DeChastelain
Ottawa, Ontario

Re: Eric Peters’s Holiday Roadblocks:

Thanks to Eric Peters for his fine work in the continuing campaign to unmask the one and true goal of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, to wit: the return of Prohibition — along with whatever jack-booted enforcement that unnatural law would require. (Of course sobriety checkouts are a gross assault on the Bill of Rights. Anyone who believes people in a fee society should be periodically braced by armed police and made to prove they haven’t committed a crime – on threat of spending the night in lockup with some very interesting people — was raised on the wrong side of the Oder, and is clearly not Land of the Free and Home of the Brave material.)

People who expend a great deal of time and energy trying to criminalize driving with a blood alcohol level .06 are either cynical, stupid, or just royal tight-asses. They can’t truly care about reducing carnage on the highway. If they did they’d be helping organize such groups as, “Mothers Against Driving While Talking on a Cell Phone,” or “Mothers Against Putting on Makeup in the Rear View Mirror While Driving.” People in these last two categories are more of a threat to the motoring public than I am after I’ve had two glasses of wine with dinner.

Whatever worthy goals MADD may have begun with, they’ve degenerated into the worst sort of Puritan harridans on cultural jihad. And, sadly, the only reaction testosterone-challenged elected officials across the fruited plain seem to have to these bitter shrews on their benighted mission is an abject, “Yes, dear,” no matter how outrageous the next item on MADD’s pinched agenda.

It’s enough to drive you to drink.
Larry Thornberry
Tampa, Florida

What does one do when, after accomplishing one’s principal goal, one discovers that an on-going need to generate cash to pay for a Washington office, staff, retainers, and the like? Take a page from the book of every other interest group: gin up ever more unreasonable positions for the true believers.

Re: John Corry’s Sing Praises to A Christmas Carol:

Yes, indeed, sing praises to A Christmas Carol! This 1950 interpretation of the Dickens story is my absolute favorite! My Christmas is not complete without a viewing of it.

On Christmas morning, this version was broadcast on cable while my family was opening presents and “making quite merry.” My brother suggested trying to find a station that was playing Christmas carols, if no one minded. After a momentary silence, I said that I wanted to have the movie playing in the background. I must have unconsciously shot him such a look to suggest that I was not above bloodying his nose, as I used to do 40 years ago, if the channel were to be changed at that moment. He immediately threw up his hands in a defensive gesture and immediately agreed that we should continue to watch A Christmas Carol, or more properly, Scrooge. And this was the abominable “colorized” version! We couldn’t figure out how to damp down the color on my parents’ television. Oh, well, we suffered through.
Evelyn Leinbach

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