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Dobson v. Armey


I have a tendency to react to criticism of Dobson the way an African-American of a certain age might react to somebody going after Malcolm X. For those of us who grew up in the age of low rent televangelism, Dobson was a revelation (no pun intended). He was extremely articulate, compassionate, and yes, righteously indignant.

Instead of being yet another preacher, he was a superbly well-educated man who gave up a very nice academic existence to risk his career on this grass-roots radio ministry idea centered around traditional values and the Gospel. It took a long time for him to become a punching bag of the left because he addressed politics only peripherally during most of his public life.

Since about 1997, he has been far more active. He is extremely impatient with abortion, appalled by the idea of same sex marriage, and I’m sorry to say, too easily taken in by the wrong side of the Roy Moore controversy. Nevertheless, I and many others like me will always be grateful to him for having done it all so much better than his predecessors in the movement. You simply aren’t going to see Dobson claiming to turn the path of hurricanes or having a television moment where he blames God’s wrath on gays and abortionists. He’s not that kind of guy.

You also will never see him on the wrong side of an integrity issue. No mishandled funds. No girl (or boy) problems. No mansions and Rolls Royces. He’s a pretty pure flame whether you agree with him or not.

Certain Republicans resent him because they want to treat Christian conservative voters pretty much the same way the Democrats treat African-Americans. He won’t let that happen and I think he’s right. I’m personally in love with free-market economics, but it’s simply not the priority issue for people who are trying to figure it all out in the light of Christ.

Having said all the above, I understand your feelings, Shawn. Dobson pushes hard and isn’t easily satisfied. This conservative-libertarian movement is tough to hold together. It’s very fortunate for our side that the Democrats are so tightly wedded to socialism and big, international schemes of governance. It’s what keeps us together.

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