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Hogberg Nailed It

Re: David Hogberg’s Electoral State College:

Great call by David Hogberg 286-252. Tell my cousin through marriage (for lack of a better term) Al Regnery that we’re celebrating here in Houston!
Mark Cieslar

In baseball, if you hit 286 that means two out of seven. In the case of my colleague Mr. Hogberg, he hit 286 and is batting 1.000.

Wow! In all my years of election-watching, this is the first time that I have seen the exact number of electoral votes for a candidate predicted. Mr. Hogberg is a genius, and once again, The American Spectator is right on target.

Jay D. Homnick

When is David Hogberg going to take over the (place your favorite embarrassed pollster here)? For example, he made his 100% correct predictions nearly 18 hours before John Zogby, who still got everything wrong! Oh, happy day!
Warren Mowry

Congratulations, you called every single state correctly. Maybe Zogby needs to hire you!
Mike Rolfes
Kenilworth, Illinois

Re: George Neumayr’s No Dividing the Red Sea:

I just read George Neumayr’s column for this morning. The only thing I can say is: “Game, set, match.”

His analysis of the MSM and KK (King Kerry) is pithy, intelligent, and down-the-middle-of-the-plate correct. I’m emailing to everyone I know.

In “No Dividing the Red Sea,” this man wasted MY time and everyone else’s by ignoring an OBVIOUS fact. This nation IS divided. The election is clear, undeniable proof of that. Bush narrowly won the states he did. Is Neumayr’s blind? Insane?

No. In typical conservative fashion, he’s looking past clear fact and describing it in a fashion that suits him. And does so by undermining others. Pathetic, indeed.

He is no journalist — he cannot even acknowledge simple facts. As such, he has no business critiquing others. This entire website is embarrassing to our country.
Wendy Booth

“Republicans will hold the House, Senate, and White House. Yet reporters said ad nauseam that the country is ‘divided.'”

And they are correct. 49% of the populace voted for another person. Where Kerry won he often won by big margins and where Bush won likewise. You are right that the country is not divided significantly on gay marriage. On war and corporate control of our lives and livelihoods, we are divided. Just watch.
Patrick Irwin

Many thanks for this good and truthful article, if only the Media would be true to themselves…
Ginger Rose

Your interpretation: not even close. They are talking about a country divided because this election, more than any other in recent memory, showed extremely divergent opinions due to the war and volatile topic of terrorism.

If the Democratic Party had a more charismatic, confident candidate, he probably would have won. The fact of the matter is, neither Bush nor Kerry are very charismatic politicians. It is well known that Americans go for style over substance. It might have been more apropos for the elections to have been covered by “Entertainment Tonight.”

Maybe you should consider a new line of work, because interpreting words is not your specialty.
Andy Behar

Well, there’s more of us here on the coasts and up north than just big name journalists. Essentially you’ve got one big state in the middle who are working paupers and welfare farmers voting on fear and ignorance. Where you have that one always finds the opiate of the masses: religion. This is the worst example of dumbed-downism I’ve ever seen peddled with the aid of propaganda and lies. They bought it, barely.

The part of the country that once gave us Truman and Lincoln now offers up Brownback and Coburn. You may like that but the bill will come due on your back later. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised when it hits you in the face. Remember Watergate.
Mark A. York
Sunland, California

And, why is it that you refuse to believe that there actually are liberals in this country who support the far left? Who gave you the right to pass judgment on the other half of the country? The bi-coastal party does have large numbers — they obviously couldn’t bring out all of their faithful comrades in this election… but please don’t count us all out as having “no voice!” This is the dividing that the media and both Senator Kerry and President Bush referred to today in their speeches. This type of media that you are spreading is worse than what’s being broadcast in more unbiased ways.
April Wilson

Pardon me while I thumb my nose at CBS, NBC, ABC, MTV, the New York Times, Kofi Annan and the UN, Chirac and France, the Bobsey twins (Michael Moore and Osama bin laden), Richard Clarke, Al Franken, P. Diddy, Bruce Springsteen, the Clooney’s, George Soros, and last but not least, the obstructionist, Tom Daschle.
Jack Hughes
Chicago, Illinois

What a twit. How about the 39 % in Bushes own state that came out to vote against him even though we knew that our vote was wasted. I don’t live on the coast I was born here in Texas. Wow another huge made up mandate with what 52% of the voting public ,oh no the other 48 % that voted don’t count? How close was Ohio, don’t count them as your mandate now either at least not without using a dictionary to look up the word or is using a dictionary to liberal for you and you’ve decided to believe that the word mandate means just squeaking by. Yeah we are very divided and the astonishing ill thought and outright stupid comments in your piece are the hollow “nah nahs we won” that are why the founding fathers put so many restrictions in the constitution to keep the tyranny of the slight majority from running over the slight but growing minority or didn’t you look at the number of the young who came out for Kerry and want the marriage laws to change and think they will in the next 15 years. No I’m not gay just not scared of them the way the older baby boomers are, just like they and their parents and their grandparents were scared of blacks, browns, Catholics and Jews just a few years ago.
David Merryman

WHEW!! You nailed it. The elite media hasn’t a clue about true American values. I always knew that our country was NOT a divided nation, instead this was a lie that elite liberals on the west coast and east coast conjured up to further their liberal agenda to down play moral issues. Today is a new day in America, if there is any changing to be done, democrats had better be the ones to reconsider their positions change or they will find themselves on the far left shore. — — Rebecca
Franklin, Tennessee

As happy as I am that we didn’t hand the White House over to the Flip-Flopper, I think it’s a bit naive of George Neumayr to proclaim that only the media thinks our country is divided. How do you explain away the 48% of voters who chose Kerry? Does he mean to say that they really meant to chose Bush but filled in the wrong bubble? As sure as I am that this country is moving to the right, I am also sure that we haven’t quite reached the promised land yet. The fact that a weak candidate like Kerry could come this close to unseating an incumbent president in a time of war shows that Bush, and the Republican party in general, still have some convincing to do.
Hassani Pippins

I have never read a bigger piece of Right Wing propaganda. “No Parting the Red Sea” — what a joke, nothing but a bunch of inbred, Bud drinking, pick-up truck driving, illiterate rednecks who rush home early to catch the latest installment of Blue Collar TV.

It’s heartening to know that the Democrats live in the real “hearts” of America — New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, etc.

Voting in the heartland just gives all of the rednecks an excuse to load up the Chevy mini-van and haul all eight kids down to the polls and then swing by Wal-Mart (to pick up some ammo and their paycheck).

The country is divided, you morons — those who want an America that keeps up with a rapidly changing world and those who hold on to 100 year old beliefs and worship a God that doesn’t exist.

As long as you religious, right-wing gun nuts continue to wander aimlessly about the earth, praising God, watching Jerry Springer and pointing fingers and passing judgment on those that don’t think just like you, we will continue to be the most hated nation on the planet.
William Seaton

Mr. Neumayr, I understand your point but can’t support the conclusion. Yes one can look at the political landscape and W holds 65% of the land mass. Last time I checked, however, that is not the basis for the 269-242 result that “One Man, One Vote” is still the order of the day regardless of attempts by the Dems otherwise. The results as they are by no means indicate W has a Reaganesque mandate but there are voices that have concerns that need
to be aired.

But the press is not the voice to be heeded. It is clear that they no longer are the recorders of history, but are trying to make it. As a consequence they forego their cloak of impartiality and no longer possess the privileges of the past. They may not be ignored, but the press no longer has to be addressed.

Sadly Kerry lacks the class to address his assembled multitude at the campaign party, but sends Edwards in as a surrogate. He lacks the concern for the country by not conceding even at this time with all the indicators say he lost. It’s shame and lacks honor.

But Sir the country is divided.
John McGinnis
Arlington, Texas

If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times last night. “America is divided. What is George Bush going to do to heal the rift.” Even Brit Hume and Mort Kondracke on FOX were full into it. I never seems to occur to the MSM pundits and talking heads and “experts,” that since Hanoi John and the Dems actually LOST, it is they who must change and accommodate the winners.

Then there are the so called “Moderates” who go on and on and on about how Conservatives must be gracious winners, must be magnanimous in victory, and must let bygones be bygones. Crap! It is waaaaay past time for the Liberals and Moderates to get over themselves and learn to get along with the Conservatives.

I will agree the FOX News is the more right wing of all the news outlets They are, however, NOT Conservative. I am sick to death with Brit Hume and the professional political pundits who strive to make all political activity some sort of recreational parlor game, where all are friends and all will contest the issues politely between 8 & 5 and gather at each others dinner parties in the evening. I am tired of Mr. Hume noting how he gets along so famously with this or that Liberal, and how shocked, shocked I say, that the likes of Ted Kennedy, or any other partisan Dem would fail to concede or challenge or sue to FORCE their preferred outcome. Balderdash!

Hey, MSM (FOX included) wake up and smell the coffee. Can’t we all just get along? NO!!!!
Ken Shreve
New Hampshire (a former red state that has waved the white flag of surrender to the Northeastern Liberal elite)

Re: Wlady Pleszczynski’s W Stands for Win:

When Bush floated the idea of renewing the 1994 Gun Ban through one of his second level press secretaries some months ago, I gave him his desired feedback by immediately emailing whitehouse.gov that if he renewed the Ban then he could count on this lifelong Republican withholding his vote come November. Conservative Pennsylvania voters had a right to be angry with Bush, who supported liberal Arlen Specter at the cost of solid conservative Pat Toomey. Arlen Specter should be turned out to pasture, where he can ruminate on the finer points of ancient Scottish law.
David Shoup
Augusta, Georgia

I just read your article on “W stands for win” and I agree with what you say about Pennsylvania and Specter. I, like many of my friends, were dismayed by his endorsement over Toomey. We also all thought Specter had absolutely no coattails at all for Bush and his presence on the ticket wouldn’t put votes in the Bush column. Facts now bear out this conclusion. I think Toomey would have won as well but even so, we will now have Specter causing endless trouble in the Judiciary committee. Hopefully, he will defect to the Democratic side and that will take care of that.

Santorum should, however, be worried about his seat. I think conservatives will be limp in their support, voting for him, yes, but without any alacrity and the energized left may make up that difference. As a poll worker yesterday in Philadelphia the turnout was unbelievable — for Kerry. Santorum could very well face that same level of intensity.
David Nelson
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Looking at the numbers this morning from CNN’s election coverage:

Kerry: 2,868,674
Bush: 2,746,856
vote difference: 121,818
% of votes cast: 2.17%

Bush: 2,794,346
Kerry: 2,658,125
vote difference: 136,221
% of votes cast: 2.50%

So, Pennsylvania has a tighter margin than Ohio, yet I see that it is not “too close to call.” Is there not even a pretense of impartiality anymore? Alternatively, are political analysts less attentive than some guy with a calculator? If so, how can I sign up for this job?
Alexander Scott
St. Paul, Minnesota

Good show Wlady. Though it is not the blowout I would have liked to have seen, it is an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats anyway. Bush is back, no question whatsoever. The House and Senate are decidedly Republican, and Daschle is gone. Kerry is now conceding (DUH) and Bin Laden is looking for a deeper cave. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed such a victory scene in all my years in politics. Though I live in Vermont, I am proud to say Ich Bin Ein Bushie.
Pete Chagnon

Call it Royko’s revenge…the late Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko always urged his readers to lie to exit pollers.
David W. Anderson
Olathe, Kansas

Why would a Republican voter want the recounts to keep going? It would add misery to the Democrats and their allies. The thousands of lawyers in their employ would add to their no doubt all ready large invoices and as a special treat they probably will get stiffed for their troubles (how about that for a lose-lose!).

Team Lurch can keep on counting because the Bush Administration is established and functioning. In 2000 the Democrats were left with their only pleasure of making the incoming administration’s life tough at the beginning due to the shortened transition.

I am especially looking forward to going to work in sunny southern California! And in a nod to Bill Tucker I will try not to show any feathers peeking out of my mouth today. But Thursday is another day.

Re: Jay D. Homnick’s White House Steps:

I’m a former Pentecostal who now worships at a conservative Southern Baptist Church, lest you think I’m against the religiosity that Jay Homnick advances. I admire George Bush in great part because his faith informs his life, both private and public. I too, would agree that “anything that is inspired by religion gets tarred as fanaticism.”

But if Mr. Homnick really, honestly thinks that “there ain’t a dimes worth of difference between the two parties,” he obviously hasn’t noticed that the lives of over 30 million unborn babies have been taken under laws favored primarily by Democrats, and fought primarily by Republicans. He obviously hasn’t noticed that terrorists who have used two murderously deadly regimes as base have been routed and severely damaged, and the regimes replaced by democracies due to insistence and support of Republicans, and in spite of the furious resistance by Democrats. He obviously hasn’t noticed that his paycheck is larger due to tax cuts voted into effect by Republicans, again in spite of the howls of outrage by Democrats.

I am certainly not fully supportive of some of our current crop of Republicans acts of “generosity,” such as prescription drug increases and steel tariffs, but to imagine that there is no difference between the parties is purist nonsense. Maybe Mr. Homnick should have voted for Nader. He seems to feel the same way.
Tim Jones
Cordova Tennessee

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Left Out in the Cold:

I was one of 30,000 who saw the President speak at the Pontiac Silverdome 0n October 27. I took my 7 year old daughter and while there was a considerable amount of effort to get “good seats” when my daughter and I approached a line to get to the “main floor”, many courteous Republicans, made a path for us (in deference to my little girl I suppose). The President was scheduled to speak at 6 p.m. At 6:10 p.m. there he was, with his wife Laura, Zell Miller, and others. An enthusiastic crowd as emotional as a 7th and deciding playoff game. As well-organized event as I have ever been to. Why on earth would anyone want to keep a voluntary crowd waiting?
P. Aaron Jones
Huntington Woods, Michigan

Re: Jed Babbin’s Gunning Down the Lies:

In his latest column Mr. Babbin wrote, “Kerry and Edwards, despite all their words, don’t give a damn about the American soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who go in harm’s way. If they do, why haven’t they gone to Iraq to spend even a minute with the guys? Of the list of dozens of senators who have visited the troops, the names of John Kerry and Edwards don’t appear.”

The Secretary is correct. Yesterday my “Veterans for Bush” campaign sign was stolen from the front lawn of my home, as was my across-the-street neighbors’ “Bush-Cheney 04” sign. My next door neighbor (with whom I am very friendly, notwithstanding our political differences) has a KerryEdwards on their lawn, and it was untouched, so it was no Halloween prank. I reported the incident to the local police, who informed me that a lot of campaign signs were being reported as stolen.

Who is doing this? The people of “tolerance and diversity” who inhabit the Left. These are the supporters of John Kerry, who has voted at every chance over a twenty year Senate career to deny the military advanced weaponry and the intelligence services sufficient funding. This is the same shamelessly opportunistic fraud who trashed his comrades during the Vietnam war, and now claims to “support the troops” in Afghanistan and Iraq while constantly undermining them with his defeatist pronouncements and false accusations. It includes show-biz dizzies like Ben Affleck who try to pass off John Kerry as a friend to soldiers and veterans; supposed statesmen like Frank Lautenberg with his juvenile screeching about “chicken hawks” on the Senate floor while manufacturing scandals to embarrass our president and vice president; and clowns like Ted Kennedy who equates America’s soldiers with Saddam Hussein. The list of phonies and sophists is endless.

My service does not make me a hero. The real heroes are those who didn’t make it home. But I would hope that all Americans would agree that we who have fought to guarantee freedom of speech for all Americans, irrespective of their political persuasion, should enjoy that same right as much as any American. But I guess that wouldn’t be the case in a John Kerry America.
Paul M. DeSisto, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.)
Grove, New Jersey

Just when I had decided that enough was enough on reading political opinion with two days to go, Jed steps up and pens a beauty that reassured this very nervous Bush voter. Not much we can do now. One question though-Does Zell have an interest in ’08? I’ve been fantasizing about Rudy and Mitt due to my address, but all three are very strong candidates.
William H. Stewart
Boston, Massachusetts

Re: John Tabin’s The Lay of the Land:

Did John Tabin forget to click on a couple of states on a computer map or fail to not count them manually?

With Bush at 276 electoral votes, Kerry would be left with 262 and not 244. Unless Mr. Tabin has some news about the popularity if Ralph Nader in enough states to get to 18 electoral votes.

Now wouldn’t that be the icing on cake of the already dramatic 2004 election?
Greg Barnard
Franklin, Tennessee

John Tabin replies:
Good catch; it looks like I somehow left Washington and Oregon out of the final tally by accident. 276-262 is, of course, what I meant, and the column has been corrected to reflect that.

Re: Shawn Macomber’s Barney Frank Valentino:

I read Shawn Macomber’s article on Barney Frank with amusement. I assume that he was referring to the Coolidge Corner theater in Brookline. I get their weekly newsletter, and noticed that the list was completely one sided (to put it mildly). Since the theater is run by a 501©3 charitable foundation, I sent an email to their program director asking how this promotion was compatible with their charitable status … have not received a reply yet.
Russ Barbour

Re: James Bowman’s Tie Goes to the Unprincipled:

It’s just as valid to ask whether or not the media will have lost the election for John Kerry. I think there’s a good chance of that. The backlash against the mainstream/partisan/liberal “news” media began months ago.

With their now-exposed naked bias for Kerry, regardless of who wins on Tuesday, the partisan press loses. For me, I think — I hope — they have grossly misunderestimated the extent to which the public is fed up with them and their entertainment and propaganda which impersonates real news.

We’ll see Tuesday and thereafter.
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: George Neumayr’s Keller Makes Things Worse:

The media is now to blame if Bush falls on his face? What about his record? Bias? What about the Fox news network? There is plenty of bias in the media to go around. If Bush loses (which I do not think he will) he loses because of what the last four years have wrought. Why is this election close? Because Bush did not have the political skills to bring this country together after the close election in 2000 and the 9/11 attacks. Call it pandering and gloat the President is “good old hard headed,” but put the blame where it mostly falls.
Marc Butterick

Great article!! We (Conservatives) must help expedite the death of major television news, or to at least change their behavior and influence. They have become the seat of liberal propaganda and partisanship–which is OK if they were not pretentiously trying to be the so-called “Fourth Estate.” We must remember that they are essentially a business which means they can be put out of business by consumers. Given that at least 49% of the population are conservative to lean conservative, I can see no reason why these dinosaurs can’t become an historical footnote–kind of like traveling by train or steam ship are a vestige of a by gone era.
Paul Melody
Gainesville, Virginia

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