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Lying in Wait

Re: Brandon Crocker’s Big Lie Democrats:

Bush didn’t lie us into war, but Democrats (again) are lying us into defeat.
David Govett
Davis, California

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

For the most part, I concur with Mr. Crocker’s analysis. I fact, yesterday I went to the effort of finding the exact Goebbels quote, which is attached (above). Let us not quibble that the Democrat party is not the “state” which Goebbels asserts is the principal stakeholder.

Mr. Crocker doesn’t quite go far enough in his analysis — to wit, once that the populace is convinced that the Administration “lied” the U.S. into the war, then the same populace may not believe the Administration’s protestations to the contrary. It may be reported, by the MSM, that one big lie begets another.

Well, it also may be said that Administration supporters can carry the water, so to speak, that the Administration did not lie. However, the MSM likely will portray such supporters as partisans and not worthy of belief. Or ignore them completely which is far more likely (lying by omission).

So, it will be interesting to watch the process — which party will be able to convince the populace that the other’s statements are “the big lies.”

As a skeptic of the MSM for some two score and five years now, I am not optimistic about the outcome.

S. Locke Bogart

I am so tired of seeing Democrats being changed to Democratic, which the Democrats are not. They don’t want anyone in their party that does not follow the party line. Many times in this article and most others the term democratic is used in place of Democrats. But other than that I agree with the article 100%.
Elaine Kyle

Excellent article. The left is, and always will be, boxed in to five simple rules from where they operate:

#1 – Rules are irrelevant where intent is a liberal outcome. The rules apply only when talking about conservatives violating those rules.

#2 – When debating, bombard with half-truths and complete lies. Your opponent can’t begin to take the time to sort it all out within the short time-span allotted. If uncontested long enough, more citizens will believe lies to be “facts.” The media will gladly help you with this.

#3 – When exposed using falsehoods as facts, NEVER acknowledge the lie; invent new “facts”/switch topics. You should have bombarded them with so many other lies (rule #2), that you can easily move on with a “oh? So you’re not disputing …….”

#4 – Enemies of liberal causes deserve no rights and live in a world of hate. From the mouth of a liberal it’s “free speech”; from the mouth of a conservative it’s “hate speech.”

#5 – Circumvent democracy. Democracy is only to be relied upon when it goes your way. Activist judges will be happy to assist you here.

Yes the Democrats are a reprehensible, traitorous group. However, one would expect that of a party which nominated a “war hero/war criminal/phony” to be commander-in-chief.

Even more egregious is the behavior of “big media” which presumably has the tapes of Clinton, Half-bright, Gore, etc., spewing forth about WMD. They had the tapes of George H. W. Bush saying in 1988, “No new taxes” and they reminded everyone of that (including me) in 1992. Just being reporters, thank you!

Now, they weigh in seeking to prove that the current President Bush lied or deceived us into war and have steadfastly refused to play the tapes. After all, Clinton bombed Iraq for four days but he “never went to war.”

We are in a war for the future of all civilization and the media and Senators either want us to lose or think we are so mighty we can’t lose so, what’s the harm?

These people are worse than hypocritical liars. They are the enemy as much as al Qaeda is.
John Sorg
Indianapolis, Indiana

“Big Lie Democrats” by Brandon Crocker is an excellent article and provides great analysis and commentary on the Big Lie. On Weekly Standard, Joel Engel has another “must read” piece entitled “They Left Him No Choice,” and Stephen Hayes, also on the Weekly Standard, has contributed mightily to discrediting the Big Lie.

Unfortunately, the Big Truth never seems to get out to the American people. I have long thought that when opinion polls indicate that people are unhappy with the direction the country is heading, at least some of those respondents must be people like me who are distressed and dismayed by the outright demagoguery of the Democratic Party and that fact that the truth — or even a rebuttal of the Big Lie — continually fails to reach the majority of Americans.

Leading Democrats must know in their hearts that most of their claims and allegations are not based in reality — else they are all dumber collectively than a box of rocks. In which case, I don’t know which is more frightening — 1) that they would endanger our troops and our national security for raw political advantage or 2) that they are so blinded by hatred as to actually believe their wild and unrelenting charges against President Bush and his entire Administration.

The real question for the great minds that contribute to conservative debate — I’ll admit the answer is beyond me — is how to break through with the other side of the story to the vast numbers of the American people who don’t seem to realize they are being fed a steady diet of left-wing propaganda. How does President Bush recover from failing to speak out sooner? How does he bring the Republicans in Congress back to his side and defense?

How do we put Humpty Dumpty back together again?
Barbara Broeker
St. Louis, Missouri

I want to know when the Republican Party grows the cojones to not only refute these politically driven, tremendously damaging, false accusations (without having to rely on the Rush Limbaughs, Laura Ingrahams, The American Spectator et al. to do so) but to bring some of these Liberal Democrats up on TREASON charges. Because what they are doing is nothing short of that.

For political gain they are purposely putting our war efforts in jeopardy, our troops in harms way and the country closer to danger; the Islamofascists cannot beat us militarily. They can weaken our resolve with the help of the MSM and the Liberals. Do we think their resolve will ever weaken? Their resolve is built on intense hatred and evil. Ours, only in the soup de jour. Life pretty much goes on as normal for the majority of Americans. So it is easy to forget the tremendous threat we are facing. Couple this with the constant brow-beating of the liberal politicians along with the constant negativity thrown out there by their MSM cohorts, and it is easy to see our how our resolve is weakening. The liberals know this and are willing to compromise the war with no regard to the consequences to regain power. This is not only traitorous, it is despicable.
Mark Bruni
Shelby Township, Michigan

Good piece, but I suggest that it is not nearly strong enough. For comparison, see Tony Blankley’s latest.

It is simply not enough to say that the Democrats are engaged in a Big Lie campaign, in a time of war, without regard to the possible implications of their words on our troops in the field and on our national security, simply to gain a near-term political advantage. They must be excoriated and damned for their actions, as loudly and as often as necessary, until such time as even the uninformed majority comes to realize just how sleazy, dastardly, near-treasonous they have been acting. And I do mean acting.

Please, keep up the drumbeat, but start pounding even harder.
Charles R. Vail
Glenolden, Pennsylvania

Well-written until the last line:

“Fortunately, Bush seems to have awoken to the fact that he can’t continue simply to shrug off Democratic attacks and will, with the Republicans in Congress, aggressively respond to the Democrats’ smear campaign.”

With Republicans in Congress? Are you serious? They laid down faster than a 50-cent hooker, pardon my French. Bush is on his own. Our disgraceful GOP reps can’t even hold a candle to Senator Lieberman. If McCain wants my vote in 2008 he will come out with both barrels blazing against the traitors who think that this is just politics. Otherwise, he and his other worthless colleagues can just go home. With friends like these.
Andrew J. Macfadyen, M.D.
Omaha, Nebraska

Good article.
Ted Florence
Clark County, Ohio

Re: Jay D. Homnick’s Pushing and Shoving:

It was always about Roe, on both sides of the aisle. Roe v. Wade is the litmus test for both Liberals and Conservatives. It is the foundation of modern 21st century liberalism and conservatism. It is the single issue that defines both movements.

Well, the conservatives wanted a war with liberals and it appears that they are going to get it. Liberal Democrats can not afford to alienate their only significant base, the Pro-Abortion Lobby. They have no one left to support them and it is unlikely that moderates will support most of their candidates in the near future, so they play to the Abortionists.

Not so the Republicans. The Republican Party really is a big tent party. It encompasses people from the ultra conservative to moderately liberal, including pro-abortion supporters. There is no core constituency that is uniform from state to state or district to district. For this reason, it is rather less clear how Republican members of the Senate will vote on Samuel Alito’s nomination.

This, then, sets the stage. Many hardcore conservatives wished for American Political Armageddon and it just might happen over this candidate. But, it might not end as they wish. There is a possibility, a rather good one, that Judge Alito’s appointment could be defeated, either through a direct vote of the Senate or a filibuster. We’ll have a better idea how the political winds blow as we near the time for the hearings. In the mean time, look for more of these “revelations” to appear. They will be heralded by the Anti-Abortion conservatives as Alito’s bona fides for the position. And thrown up as “proof” that he is out of the “mainstream” by the Pro-Abortionist liberals. The moderate Senators will say this is unimportant, but will, none the less, spend considerable time trying to ascertain the feelings of their constituents. The “moderates”, therefore, are the ones to watch. Particularly the moderate Republicans, as the moderate Democrats are much more likely to adhere to their party line in this matter.

Jay Homnick is correct when he says that those conservatives, braying for this war, had better be good. For if the Alito nomination is defeated, the next one will be even harder to win. I hope that Judge Alito is approved, for I like what I see of his record. But, the only truly important part of the record of any nominee to the Supreme Court is their feelings concerning Roe v. Wade. That is what will be used by individual Senators to vote yea or nay and the Alito supporters had better make sure that the members of the Senate understand and believe that a vote for Alito will win them re-election. For if they can’t, then they will lose more than this nomination, they may lose the Senate as well.

Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.
Michael Tobias
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Forty Years of Intolerance:

This time RET’s rhetoric has gone too far. He should have his olfactory examined posthaste. I don’t care how stinky Churchill’s stogies were. They couldn’t have topped Bill’s customs. When ignited those scented Monica perfectos smelled worse than the outhouse door on a tuna boat. I’d send you some as proof except that every time BJ posts some on e-Bay Hillary outbids me.

Churchill once called a parliamentary adversary a “Boneless Wonder.” Is there a bone left among Republican Senators? Is there any principle left for them to abandon? It’s becoming nauseating to belong to the same party as the self-serving cowards of the U.S. Senate. The Democrats lie, cheat, and fight ugly but at least they fight. I honestly feel a greater kinship with their spirit now than I do with the puny, mewling, appeasing Republicans. I have a suggestion:

Some organization commits to primarying every Republican who is a Boneless Wonder. As the primary race matures, the organization picks the Boneless Wonder Republican incumbent most likely to go down and concentrates the resources there, doing everything possible to defeat the Boneless Wonder. Let this be known to every quisling Republican Senator. Since nothing seems to work with them except unprincipled self-interest, perhaps the prospect of losing their career will provoke their self-interest into finding some principles.

If the Republican Senate cannot find its spine, we are better off without them. All of them. At least Democrats fight. That deserves respect.
Allen Hurt
New Mexico

Re: Patrick Devenny’s The House of Kim:

Please insert “Kennedy” wherever the name “Kim” is found in these passages from Patrick Devenny’s article — and enjoy:

” …like his father before him, (Kennedy) seems dedicated to the idea of maintaining the dynastic bloodline that will assume the mantle of leadership upon his death. (Kennedy’s) theory…wedded (“Democrat”) provisions on dynasty with Marxist conjecture. In the 1970s…to solidify his position… …a propaganda campaign aimed at elevating his father (“brother, JFK”) to the status of deity while simultaneously justifying a blatantly (anti-democratic) monarchical form of power transferal. Those who objected…were quickly purged…

THE (Kennedy) BLOODLINE IS A HEALTHY and vibrant one, owing to the Supreme Leader’s voracious appetite for young women. His massive support apparatus, which includes thousands of servants, bodyguards, and chefs, comes replete with a harem — known as the “satisfaction corps” — made up of dozens of women who have been specially trained to administer to the needs of (Kennedy). While he has only acknowledged the existence of four children — 3 boys, 1 girl — persistent rumors that have reached the outside world indicate that other, undeclared sons of (Kennedy) exist. Often, their mothers — former actresses or harem recruits– are married …to other leading members of the (Marxist-Democrat) leadership, their families kept within the orbit of the Supreme Leader.

A note: Unsubstantiated rumors abound that the Democratic Party is secretly sending observers to North Korea to study the Kim model to determine how it might be applied in the perpetuation of the Clinton dynasty and the pathetic Jackson (Jesse), Cuomo (Governor Mario and son Andrew) and Daly (father/son Chicago mayors) dynasties. Barney Frank has threatened to make a stink if his favorite intern is not given the same dynastic status.

One further (unsubstantiated) scoop: A Republican governor in California linked to one of the above “dynasties” may personally fund a national ballot question that would allow virile, immigrant, Republican, capitalist in-laws to become formal heirs to corrupt, far-left Democratic dynasties.
John Haskins
Executive Director, Parents’ Rights Coalition

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