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The Blame Game

Are you tired of hearing that “it’s all Bush’s fault”? Do you cringe every time you attend a family function, knowing that the liberals at your table will spend most of the evening rapt in a Bush-bashing rhapsody while you, out of politeness, remain silent? Sick of every complaint, from men who don’t put down the toilet seat, to acts of God, being associated with that master of disaster from Crawford, Texas?

If you, like I, am befuddled as to how a bunch of clueless hicks from nowheresville have managed to affect nearly every facet of world history dating from January 20, 2001 up to the present, it’s sometimes best to just grin it and bear it. But for those of you who, day in and day out feel compelled to explain why, for example, President Bush has had next to no influence on why North Korea has nukes, or that last night’s episode of Survivor was lousy, allow me to offer a bit of advice.

The next time you’re sitting in a bar or restaurant watching the daily CNN brainwash broadcast and the anchor touts a survey suggesting that 90% of Americans are ready — according to the 106 likely Ned Lamont supporters polled — to tar and feather George W. Bush, turn that liberal fantasy world upside down by grabbing your nearest sane Democratic friend and giving him or her a little reality test.

Ask them what America’s biggest problems are and then ask them who’s really at fault. Try it. At first you’ll be met with the typical eye-rolling exhibited by those who get all the news they need to know from Katie Couric and company. But like Captain Queeg of the USS Caine, you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt and with geometric logic, that most of our current woes can still be traced to decades of Democratic influence.

And don’t let them get away with naming each and every offshoot from the War on Terror, like the Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, or the often inept TSA airport screeners. Ask them instead who started the war and why, and which party would most likely pursue it to its hopefully victorious conclusion. And if they’re the types who play the “peace” card and claim that the president is using our brave soldiers as the jokers, ask them if the nineteen-year-olds who joined up to defend us in Iraq are unaware of their mission.

While you’re at it, run a few more topics up the flagpole and see who doesn’t salute. When they pay their tab and carp about high drink prices, ask them who champions the practice of “sin taxes.” When they complain about their pain at the gas pump, point out the large chunks of change that their tax-guzzling local, state and federal authorities siphon off, not to mention those beholden to the greenies who demand outrageous and costly additives that drive up prices. Ask them: To which party do most of these politicos belong?

When those who have children complain that it is Bush’s (and Ted Kennedy’s) No Child Left Behind Act that keeps our schools under-performing, ask that person how much of his local education budget is eaten up by fund-gouging unions. And assuming they don’t really know what the Act entails (CNN, remember?), explain that withholding federal money from schools that can’t meet their own state standards is not under-funding; in the same way that rebates for those who pay federal income tax is not increasing the tax burden on the poor who pay almost none.

If your Democratic friend has not left you or struck you yet, at some point in the telecast Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton will be coming on to tell a tale of woeful racial injustice ladled out at the hands of the Bush Administration. Now that your friend feels he’s on firm liberal ground, ask him: Whose welfare programs seek to keep minorities in the lower class? Whose affinity for affirmative action taints any college degrees or promotions they have worked hard to earn? Whose disdain for religion robs them of their family life? And which party it is that seeks to continue all of the above to their own political advantage, as clearly demonstrated by Sharpton and Jackson?

Now if your Democratic friends are anything like mine, they are mostly good, hard-working Americans whose only affliction is that they equate the word “Bush” with “bull’s-eye.” The real comedy starts when those who live in liberal areas complain that folks just can’t afford to live there anymore (high property taxes), or that they are about to lose their jobs to out-sourcing (union demands, over-regulation, and high taxes) or that crime is rampant (liberal judge-sentencing and gun-control) or that insurance rates are too high (trial lawyers).

All of this may or may not convince your donkey-minded fellows that George W. Bush is not responsible for the common cold or many other problems that plague this country, but you may succeed in moving the fault line a little to the left.

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