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Resisting the Blue Wave

The hand-wringing and moaning are as palpable as they have ever been as cowering Beltway Republicans wait for the dreaded Blue Wave of Democratic rule to crash over their heads come November 7th. The gloom and doom predictions, long a tool of the liberal media, have now reached the pens of some conservative pundits who have joined their liberal brethren in predicting that the end is near. But is it?

One of the most annoying ploys on the left is the suggestion that the dreaded “Christian Right” is abandoning the GOP in droves and will stay home on Election Day. Much like their former bedfellows, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, just who makes up this huge, all-powerful group is unclear. Is it denominational or political, or both?

If all those who identify themselves as Christian are counted in its membership, the CR is vast indeed, but we know that to be untrue by virtue of election results. So, according to those on the left, it must consist of only those who actually embrace and live their lives according to the tenets of Christianity; in other words, those who are polluting the voting pool by adhering to their outdated values. In the words of my particular co-religionists, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Are there sincere religious practitioners who embrace some policies of the left? Of course, and many of them question the right’s stance on issues like the death penalty and illegal immigration. On the other hand, it’s hard to find practicing Christians or other devout believers who can staunchly support key liberal positions on abortion, euthanasia and the homosexual agenda. Most who continue to vote Democratic simply ignore this and pull the lever out of habit. But there are many, many who cannot and will not, and it’s not hard to see why.

On the question of legalized abortion, there is simply nowhere else to go but the GOP. Very few Democrats will speak out in favor of the sanctity of life let alone admit that a woman’s so-called reproductive rights end once conception occurs. This belief — that innocent life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death — is a non- negotiable truth for those on the CR.

Likewise, liberals never understand the CR’s objection to the homosexual agenda with which the left is so enamored. That is because they are largely ignorant of the Christian attitude toward sin. Practicing Christians try hard not to sin, yet believe that all men are sinners. To say that the CR is hypocritical when they support a party that contains sinners (Mark Foley, et al) is like saying they are hypocritical for loving each other.

The inclusion of institutionalized sin in American society is what they object to. The fact that their tax dollars are used to promote “alternative lifestyles” in public schools is and ought to be just as repulsive to them as is keeping the Ten Commandments out of them to liberals. The true hypocrisy consists in the belief that the teaching of a moral code held by most Americans must not be imposed on our children, while another one that is immoral to all but a small minority, must be.

Protecting our children physically as well as morally is a vital concern for members of the CR. This is manifested not only in their support for Second Amendment rights, but in matters of national defense. With the Muslim jihadist threat straining to further erupt should we fail to defeat it in Iraq, can we turn over defense of our country to those who will surely work to ensure that defeat?

These and other questions will be decided in no small part by those who do not leave their pesky values outside the voting booth. Call them the CR, call them whatever you like, but no matter what you may hear, they are not likely to abandon those booths on November 7th and surrender our country to the depredations of the Blue Wave.

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