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Re: Babes of the IDF!

James: “[F]etishized IDF killer patriot sexpot business” and “ripe girlhood in the final stage of some fleeting innocence”? Come on. You’re on a bit of a high horse here.

First, I’m betting everyone of these women know the dangers involved in joining the military, and especially the dangers involving Lebanon. Innocence left along with the peace process long ago.

Notice how a lot of the women are smiling and striking a pose. If showing off for the camera is no big deal when they are in the Israeli military, why should enjoying the photo be such a big deal?

Finally, what is the most likely topic of conversation between the average bunch of males in the Israel Defense Force during down times in between pummeling Hezbollah: A. Tolstoy B. Fiscal Policy C. Which babe back at base they would most like to hook up with? Or perhaps they are also engaging in the “killer patriot sexpot business”?

War is hell. But let’s not use that as an excuse to be killjoys.

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