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Clintons Going Wild

Re: Liz Mair’s Script and Stage:

Liz Mair is overly generous and fawning in describing Hillary Clinton as “articulate and unquestionably bright.” Dick Armey long ago unmasked the shrewish Clinton as thicker than a brick when he quipped “The reports on your charm are overstated…” and Hillary thanked him. The fact remains despite attempts to portray her as adroit and intelligent the real brains of the Clinton family are to be found in the philandering and mendacious hubby and not the glorified law clerk with a poor memory (her defense for breaking the law).

This jumped up wannabe who gained all she has in life by “standing by her man’s” numerous sexual peccadilloes will only be in the White House if those conservatives brainwashed into media Lemmings stay bent on punishing Republicans rather than stopping the rise of an avowed revolutionary and anti-Constitutional trial lawyer who advocated denying President Nixon legal counsel during Watergate. One can only imagine how many civil liberties she’ll deny those who refuse to genuflect to her canards.

The good news is that scripted or unscripted Hillary is not a likable person. She makes Chris Matthews look warm and nice. Hopefully, she’ll be our version of Segolene Royal. Though to be fair Royal is more attractive and credible as a world leader than Hillary.
Michael Tomlinson
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

“The choice for Clinton’s handlers, then, remains Clinton reined in, or Clinton gone wild.”

Girls, er, Clinton gone wild. Now there’s a mental image I’m not equipped to handle.
Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

Ms. Mair writes that President Bush’s refusal to move off his scripted remarks has “constantly irked” the MSM and that Ms. Clinton would be well served to take note of that.

Ms. Mair fails to understand that no matter what Ms. Clinton does it will not draw the ire of even a single organ of the MSM. Ms. Clinton is a European style control-the-populace-and -create-dependency politician who wishes to bring The United States into the socialist fold.

A heavy handed government controlling all aspects of our life and economy is the society the MSM believes we must create here. If Ms. Clinton strangled, skinned, and ate a puppy on The View, the story would be “Ms. Clinton Saves Puppy From Life of Deprivation and Torture: Recycles Poor Animal.”

If she is elected the America we all grew up in will vanish over four years and the spineless Republicans (who don’t give up the ghost and retire) will aid and abet them. Look for surrender in Iraq; doubled taxes; and vastly diminished freedom.

Those who contribute will become that pack mules carrying the money fueling government spending. (Remember Ms. Clinton’s exclamation during her disastrous attempt to take over our medical system under her husband “Doctors don’t need to earn more than $60,000 a year anyway.) Those who don’t work will want for nothing.
Jay W. Molyneaux

Re: Lawrence Henry’s Cook’s Vocabulary:

Most people dislike cooking for the same reason they dislike other forms of work: Work is long. Consumption is brief.
David Govett

What a great little article to start a Friday with.
Francis X. Pampush

Re: Christopher Orlet’s Super Values:

Of the many interesting points in Mr. Orlet’s well-written article one that struck a chord was: “Ramadan reminded those in attendance that Western Civilization came out of Judeo-Christianity, which was a Middle Eastern religion, though he neglected to mention the apparently negligible role Greek and Roman civilizations, as well as secularism and the Enlightenment, played in its evolution.”

A quibble, I would substitute “humanism” for “secularism,” the former being the more historically used term. Much more importantly, Mr. Ramadan and his colleagues should be introduced to Russell Kirk’s The Roots of American Order. As I understand Kirk, these “roots” are in Jerusalem (Judeo-Christian theology), Athens (democracy and philosophy, e.g. self-criticism), Rome (law, individual rights and representative government — republicanism), and London (the Anglo Enlightenment, and the separation of church and state). This heritage is our patrimony, and it is in this country that Western civilization has reached its highest level of development.

And THAT is the source of American exceptionalism, which the left in the country, with their fanatical devotion to the collectivist religion and blind hatred of an America that has embraced classical western liberal democracy, would destroy
Paul DeSisto
Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Re: Michael P. Orsi’s Calumny in the Blogosphere:

This article is right on target. My forays into the blogosphere have left me with the indelible impression that a lot people who submit commentary need be thankful that their identity is protected by anonymity. Since many of them seem to possess no cogent or independent thought to bolster their beliefs, they endeavor to make up for their lack of a persuasive argument by being as confrontational and obnoxious as possible.

How this approach enhances their ability to win converts to their viewpoint does not appear to be the point of these tirades. Character assassination using a strategy of stealth is hardly the work of the courageous. It more resembles a temper tantrum thrown by a petulant child.

Particularly disgusting are comments made by angry bloggers impugning the character of others by ascribing sinister motivations to the actions or words of people they do not know and obviously do not understand. A favorite tactic is to dismiss anyone who disagrees with you as someone driven by hate. Some common examples include: pro-lifers who oppose to abortion are accused of hating women, people who disagree with the concept of gay marriage believe this because they detest homosexuals, people who question evolution are consumed by a loathing for science, etc. Using this form of illogical reasoning, one could also claim that: those opposed to the use of DDT abhor people afflicted with malaria, people who favor affirmative action hate all Caucasians or those who reject attempts to bring about immigration reform have an extreme dislike of real Americans.

Name-calling and the use of offensive language often accompany these absurd accusations. How ironic! The same people who constantly remind us how much they care about the self-esteem of others have no qualms about trashing the feelings of people whose ideas they revile. Without a twinge of guilt they hurl vile epithets at their adversaries and pepper their comments with the crudest profanity they can muster. They appear to be completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

In spite of all this bad behavior, there is a lot of worthwhile commentary on the internet. Too bad we have to endure all the dreck that poisons our communication before we can get around to a serious discussion of any issue. Recent statements made by politicians, like those of Rep. Pete Stark, portend that there are no longer any boundaries defining the limits of our political discourse. All indications are that the political rhetoric this election cycle will be the ugliest and most mean-spirited in our history. Nowhere will that be more evident than in the blogosphere.
Rick Arand
Lee’s Summit, Missouri

This article does a good job of exposing and explaining a modern day problem, a genie that has escaped its lamp. Civil discourse has, indeed, gotten a good deal less civil. This cyber character assassination has become a preferred tool of the globalist radical Left, such as DailyKos, Media Matters, and other Soros funded and advised groups, as well as one of the American political parties. We have indeed seen many people in both public and private life ruined by this practice. We see whole industries sent reeling by coordinated cyber calumny attacks.

The one area, however, that the article does NOT address is that the same blogosphere has shown an amazing ability to take on the cyber-bullies and absolutely shred their arguments, to provide complete and total fisking of their attempted attacks. We have seen the blogosphere completely expose phoney news photographs from the war in Iraq within 24 hours of their appearance. We have seen the blogosphere, within 24 to 48 hours identify and expose the real person behind an attack as it did with all the phoney soldiers that put forward their anti-war rants and the lies about their own military records. Look at the speed with which Media Matters has been exposed in their attacks upon both O’Reilly and Limbaugh. Look at the speed with which John Kerry’s lies and evasions regarding his military record and that whole mess was exposed, and the defense of the Swift Boat vets when they were maligned by the MSM. I could go on and on with examples of how the blogosphere has responded with warp speed to completely discredit scurrilous attacks, whether launched from the floors of Congress, the studios of the television industry, the pages of the newspaper industry, or the many environs of the denizens of Hollywood.

Mr. Orsi does, indeed, identify a real negative facet of our modern society. I, however, am not nearly as negative on this subject as Mr. Orsi. I have seen the blogosphere take control and defeat these scurrilous attacks in almost real time. I am, indeed, rather optimistic that the blogosphere can handle this problem just fine, thank you. Of course for those who do not want to know the truth, there is little that we or anyone can do.
Ken Shreve
Behind enemy lines in New England

Re: Eric Peters’s The Energy Turnoff:

WOW, some stuff is just plain, don’t know what to say, scary. Will we antique car hobbyists be meeting clandestinely on back rural roads in 20 years just to get together and take a ride??? That flashed thru my head as I read your article. Let’s hope not!!!!
Leonard Ciccone

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Their Seven Deadly Sins:

Thank you for once again writing about the Clinton criminal record. Mr. Tyrrell, I know that the mainstream media and Democrat Party are now so infused with the Clinton’s fetid corruption and cynicism to a degree that will prevent stories like yours from effectively warning the American public. There has never been a political couple like them on the American stage, and our political system has no immunity to the pox they bring upon us. I am begging you and men like you, who have your wits and courage about you, to work together. Your magazine and others, coordinating with public speakers and radio and any TV programs might still cauterize their spread back to the White House.

Sir, consider how many felons the Clintons are or have been closely associated with. Only a prison warden is familiar with as many criminals. Combined, all of you – those with a microphone or a newsmagazine, could feature each week an in depth report on each felon they are currently working with, and also the most heinous of the recent past. Webster Hubell is now working in Washington at a major insurance firm which boasts that it’s client include all the major unions. This man is a known embezzler — and where is he to be found? In the circle of the Democrats a stone’s throw away from Hillary’s offices. It is possible for those with the resources, to track down where the rest are, what they are doing, and where the money is going. Remember Mr. Rich, I know the Clintons do and where he lives.

Mr. Tyrrell, when Bill Clinton was in power, he set the stage for what is to come with the take over of the Democrat Party. Hillary and Soros set the next stage, with the development of “the netroots” — essentially a way of funneling in $$$, fake stories, applying pseudo-pressure to already friendly TV networks and major newspapers to filter and corrupt the news available to most Americans, to an unprecedented degree. Look at Hillary’s boldness already announcing that Sandy Burger is advising her. That would not have been possible eight years ago.

Previously, while in the White House, Clinton selectively enforced the laws (remember union dues rulings to start), gutted our intelligence agencies and military, etc. Consider the following scenario: Wesley Clark as Secretary of Defense; announcing that gays would be allowed in the military with no restrictions on their behaviors; the resulting mass resignation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff allows her to appoint officers loyal to her; dramatic reductions in recruitment covered up or explained away; our Air Force instructed to drastically reduce flying time to cut back on CO2 output, security at critical military and research institutions cut back — with the Chinese rolling out their own copy of the F-22 within 4 years. This is merely a repeat of what happened in ’92-98. Only then it was the Patriot missile and critical radar systems. Taiwan is the quid pro quo for all the Chinese help for the Clintons, and they are only waiting for her to gain power. The Chinese will announce that the waters around Taiwan are a war zone, fire a few missiles for show, and then sit back and wait. President Clinton will announce that Bush weakened our military too much to defend Taiwan and that’s it. Her netroots and networks confirm this is Bush’s fault. I’m sorry to have taken up so much of your time. I could go on about her global warming plans, election reforms, etc.

Please help our country. I am disabled with small children at home and can only fight with persuasion and e-mails.
Patrick McNamara, MD

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