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The Redistribution of Swag

It’s that time of year in Hollywood, awards time, Festival time. It’s a time of year when those who give us so much will get a little bit back for themselves. I know we will all truly be a little sad if the writers’ strike does not end (no live awards). We’ll be sad, not for the people that are out of work, but for the actors and entertainers who will not be able to thank themselves and maybe us for how great they have been.

This week thousands of actors, directors, entertainers and out of control disowned heiresses of all kinds, not to mention the paparazzi, are in the tiny town of Park City, Utah, at the Sundance Film Festival. They are there to socialize and network for all sorts of important projects they are working on. It’s like one big adult slumber party. There is skiing, drinking, partying, of course viewing the movies that are being presented, and most important, that thing called Swag.

What is Swag you ask? SWAG is an acronym for “stuff we all get.” At every event these days whether it be award shows, parties for award shows, or festivals, they hand out Swag bags. These are sort of like the free toasters that banks used to hand out to attract new customers, only the gifts inside these bags are a far more opulent and upscale. Inside these bags you will find the latest model iPods, Cartier, and Rolex watches, Harry Winston Diamonds, wallets, and I have seen offers for free Lasik eye surgery, they even include gifts for the tinker-bells in their lives such as doggy pads. These are all things we as Americans get for all the events and award shows that we show up to in our lives. Some of these bags have a value of over $50,000. Parties and awards shows hand these bags out to attract celebrities, and the better the bag, the bigger the celebrity. Of course the companies are all too eager to hand out the gifts inside the swag bag for the free advertising they will get if the celebrity wears their product.

It dawned on me, isn’t this just another case of the rich getting richer? Simply put, the less someone needs the more they are given. Is this not what Republicans are being accused of all the time? Is this not the change that the Democratic candidates are calling for? These are often the very same candidates that most of these celebrities endorse. Now I am sure they didn’t realize this was going on and have just gotten caught up in the Swag moment. Therefore, I call on all celebrities receiving Swag to take a look at their Swag and say, “I am better than this, I am better than those greedy Republicans.”

I am therefore putting forth this challenge, Celebrities, it is time for the redistribution of Swag! It is time for those less fortunate to receive Swag! Should we not be One America, One America that all gets swag? I call on all celebrities that receive swag to donate and redistribute their Swag far outside of their own circle, maybe to an organization like the USO — how amazing would that be, celebrities giving their swag to the real celebrities.

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