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Cling Static

It’s funny. The more that I hear and think about the comments that Barack Obama made about people clinging to religion and guns, the more I realize he is right. But I also started to think, what’s wrong with clinging to religion? Why is that such a bad thing? Even if Obama is 100 percent right, and people do it because they are desperate, what’s his point? Every day people choose something to cling to. Sadly so many people choose the wrong thing out of desperation. Our jails are filled with thousands of inmates that found religion after they got to jail. Imagine if they would have found it beforehand.

Should these people that he calls clingy turn to drugs as Obama did, or maybe it’s better to cling to a gang? If the worst thing a person does, because he is broke, is to go out and go duck hunting or go to mass or temple, please sign me up for clingy. If religion is the opiate of the masses, isn’t that a lot better than real opiates?

What’s wrong with wanting to be part of a power greater than yourself, a collective group or conscience? Is there any feeling greater than being among 60,000 people watching your team win the World Series? Does that mean I’m clingy because I needed the other people around me? Is there any greater joy than seeing someone turn thirteen in temple or watching someone receive their first communion? When did needing help and asking for it become a sign of weakness?

Or is it simply that if I believe in God, I might not need you? How intoxicating it must be for Barack Obama. With every sermon that he gives — excuse me, speech — he has the masses in the palm of his hand. How godlike that must feel, and oh, my God, if they believe in God they might not believe in him. Maybe Barack Obama is God. He constantly promises change. Isn’t that a godlike quality? In his speech about race, didn’t he absolve white people and tell us he understands where we are coming from? Who needs religion or guns to cling to, when we have Barack? He constantly dictates in his sermons how we should move past things that he doesn’t think are important to talk about. After all, how dare anybody question God. He even makes people faint. I have to say that’s pretty godlike.

He has his disciples in the media and if you dare question their lord and savior they will strike you down with furious anger. Oh, the irony that everything the left hated about the right they are now becoming. I get it now, instead of having faith in God they have created a god in whom they place their faith. Instead of adhering to a set of principles, they are defining yours and mine. However, it’s allowed because it’s all in the name of their god.

They don’t pray in churches or temples but rather in universities and arenas. They don’t pass the collection plate, they just have you go online. Why use cash — plastic is so much better for the green earth. Instead of the Bible and the Prophets we have the New York Times and Instead of the disciples we have the bloggers, and instead of faith and belief we have their realism and pure intellect.

So to all you clingy people out there, here is your chance. You only have a few more months until the rapture. Give up your crazy ideas that have been handed down for thousands of years and join the new church, the church of Obama. If you really believe and truly have faith, why pray to a God that you can’t see when there is a guy claiming to be one right in front of you that you can clearly see through?

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