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Do I Dare?

I have asked a few friends if they would like to go with me and they have all said no. I am not sure, to be honest, if they have no interest, or if they have the same fears that I do. I have never done this alone, and frankly, I really do not want to. This is one of those things that you should do with good company. Trouble is, for this thing, I cannot find said companions.

Maybe I will go thirty miles out of town, and just go do it. However, to be honest, that seems like an awfully long way to go for this. There will be a few places in Hollywood that I can go do it. Between you and me, I am scared of who will see me go and do it, and the subsequent rumors that could be spread about me if I do it. If people find out, and word gets around, there is a good chance that I might never get a writing job in this town. But I have been taught that you either stand for something or fall for everything, so I guess I am going to have to do it.

Maybe I’ll put on a hat and jacket and no one will recognize me. Perhaps, I’ll say I am going to buy a ticket for something else and sneak in when no one is watching. Either way, I have realized that I must do it, and sadly must do it alone. After all, it is important for me to support this cause. So, this week, come rain or shine, I will go to the ArcLight in Hollywood, purchase a ticket, and walk in and see An American Carol.

IF YOU THINK I am exaggerating these sentiments and fears, trust me, if anything, I am understating what it is like. I often joke that it is easier to get a date in this town with an “std,” than get one being a conservative. I remember when I got my driver’s license out here and had to register. I had the fear of God about registering as a Republican and, sadly, registered as an Independent. What is an Independent but a Republican scared to come out of the closet? Some might say to me, why don’t you just move? Well, I still have the Hollywood dream inside of me, and for a writer, with my dreams, there is nowhere else to be.

Part of me is very beat down by the relentlessness of this town trying to get Obama elected. In fact, a part of me is almost: “like, well if he does then at least I’ll live in a happy town, and happy people say yes a lot more than an unhappy people do.” But that is a tiny bit of me. The real me wants to see McCain win, with all of the attendant anguish and despair that these fun-loving and tolerant people will go through.

So I call on all conservatives, and all people with a sense of humor, to go out and buy a ticket to this movie and remember that it is the Republicans that know how to laugh at themselves. Since, lately, we have had to do that quite often, let’s take a laugh at the Left and show them, while they may be winning in the polls, they are not winning in taking away our spirit. If you happen to be at the ArcLight this week and see someone alone in a trench coat watching the movie, come by and say hello. Just make sure it’s me.

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