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Prometheus Bound

From the trans fat Nazis in the Northeast to those on duty keeping school bake-sales safe for humanity out West; from banning plastic shopping bags — which were foisted on us by greenies to begin with — to fines for “light pollution,” one can’t help but think that our once-free country is in the final stages of nannydom and well on its way toward total government control of our lives.

Many folks calmly accepted the banishment of smokers and nodded in submissive agreement that our public schools should control the sexual, moral and nutritional upbringing of our children, and most seem to think that the plethora of laws regulating an ever-growing list of our daily activities are relatively unobtrusive. After all, they mostly apply to public places and have no bearing on our actual home lives, right?

Well now, we have the fireplace police out in force in California’s Bay Area, sniffing out illicit smoke. Under a law passed in July, on so-called Spare the Air days this winter, it will be illegal for 1.4 million residents to burn wood in the fireplaces on their own private property. And they will enforce it with all the gusto that liberal busybodies can muster. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “The fireplace police say they are determined to keep law and order in the living room.”

Color me confused, but does the liberal mantra that the government is to stay out of their bedrooms not apply to the rest of the house? Nevertheless, no matter what room you use to try to hide out from government intrusion, you’d best be sure to do it with the lights off, unless the bulbs therein meet with the approval of you-know-who.

What can be the reason for denying citizens the warmth of a winter fire that would save them lots of money during these hard times? Says a district spokeswoman: “This is a major health threat. The weather conditions are such that smoke is trapped closer to the ground and anyone with respiratory problems will have a hard time breathing.” So once again, the tyranny of the minority shall rule the land in the form of a few unfortunates who have breathing woes.

So, anyone who is against the ban and would suggest that those poor souls merely stay indoors during high pollutant periods must be an insensitive lout, yes? But what about the ghastly pollutants that occur in the summer time? What does our nanny recommend then? “People who are especially sensitive to pollution are advised to limit their time outdoors, particularly in the afternoon hours.”

The bureaucrats in charge of enforcement of this heinous dictate also helpfully provide a toll-free number (1-877-4NO-BURN) so you can snitch on your inconsiderate and Earth-hating neighbors. This little trick was a favorite of fascists and Communists for decades, so no one should be surprised that dropping a dime on your fellow Americans is considered by liberals to be a civic-minded duty. Indeed, pediatricians around the country are already inducing children to inform on their parents’ habits; nothing like giving the little tykes a lesson in citizenship.
Now, some in California might choose to employ their little gray cells and ask why officials — bowing to extreme environmentalist groups — refuse to allow routine maintenance  of heavily wooded areas to prevent huge and devastating forest fires which throw more “pollution” into the air than fireplaces ever could, but then they might risk being sent to “smoke education class.”

So far I’ve never been to one of these re-education camps, but I would imagine the teaching goes something like this: many of the practices of humans dating back thousands of years have now been found to be harmful; like burning wood for warmth and cooking, parental control of child-rearing, and the right to eat whatever one darn well pleases. Conversely, many of the practices banned by human beings for thousands of years have now been found to be beneficial to society; like abortion, gay marriage and pornography on demand.

And it’s not going to get better any time soon. Our recent elections have led to a perfect storm for big government control freaks: our nation’s capital in the hands of liberal Democrats. But some of our time-honored, constitutionally guaranteed rights may still remain: it’s unclear if it’s legal to burn the American flag on Spare the Air nights, so use caution.

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