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Truthout Inaccuracies

We’re just catching up to this story that Truthout editors posted on their site. You can read it here.

It’s getting to the point now were Truthout’s lies simply can’t be sustained. It was one thing when the stories dealt with unconfirmable “meetings” and “phone calls” and “documents” from “sources close to the investigation.”

Now they are citing court records and claiming that, in fact, their sources are telling them that Karl Rove has in fact been indicted, only that Fitzgerald is somehow holding it back or has transformed the indictment into some form of a carrot to ensure cooperation from Rove. This is all legally impossible, according to folks who understand this kind of thing.

If a grand jury indicts someone, it is not possible for a prosecutor to simply pull back that indictment, particularly if, as Truthout insists is the case, the indictment has been filed with the court. Truthout cites an indictment file number that would indicate that the indictment, while sealed, has gone through the court process. That’s it. Rove has been indicted. And Fitzgerald would have no communication to Rove’s counsel that he was no longer a target.

At this point, there is one way to clear this matter up, and it doesn’t involve Rove’s people putting any “cards on the table” as Truthout would have them do.

No, it is the responsibility of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to be a man, forget about his own ego, and step forward and state that the Rove portion of the investigation is over and done with, and that Rove cooperated fully and has stated he will cooperate where needed, just as everyone in this case has done throughout. Instead of hiding behind “no comments” and giving aid and comfort to the nutroot fantasists, Fitzgerald should have his people stop playing games and start acting like the legal professionals they claim to be.

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