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Misquoting an Ally

Re: Geoffrey Norman’s Ninety-Two Years and Counting:

Geoffrey Norman incorrectly quotes Winston Churchill that “America should have minded her own business and stayed out of the World War [I]” — a favorite of neo-isolationists for many years.

This particular red herring is the very first entry in an appendix of unattributed quotations in my book, Churchill by Himself, together with the following note:

Posted on the Internet in 2002, this quotation caused a stir. In 1942 a $1 million lawsuit was brought against WSC (who had denounced the quotation as fiction) by publisher William Griffin of the New York Enquirer. It was dismissed when WSC admitted to the interview but denied the statement.”

My book contains numerous accurate Churchill remarks expressing exactly the opposite opinion, e.g.: “[There are] only two ways of winning the war, and they both begin with A. One is aeroplanes and the other is America.… Everything else is swept away.” (Munitions Council, 4 September 1917). And: “the moral consqeuence of the United States joining the Allies was indeed the deciding cause in the conflict….Defeatist movements were strangled on the one side and on the other inflamed.” (The World Crisis, Vol. 3, 1927).

Incidentally, the New York Enquirer later became the National Enquirer, which is still doling out the same quality material.
Richard M. Langworth
Editor, The Churchill Centre

Re: George H. Wittman’s Leading From Weakness:

What you didn’t add is that the Obama administration switched to a British newspaper for its trial balloons because he is far more interested in what Europeans think than in what Americans think.

I guess we’ll have to get used to it.

The old distinctions between Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, though still marginally valid, have now been replaced by the new distinction:

Constitutionalists and internationalists.

Obama has put the Internationalists in the driver’s seat.

Gee! Haw! Giddyap! Whoa!
A. C. Santore

Re: Philip Klein’s Obama’s False Choices:

If one starts with false questions, one is limited to false choices. Even if the most rational answer to health care were a government solution (and no evidence demonstrates the Obama solution is a prudent one) the question remains faulty because it is based on an a priori assumption that government has a role to play. Where in the Constitution is the right/responsibility of the government (at any level) to provide health care written or implied?   This first question is being purposely ignored by The Prince and representatives from both sides of the aisle.    

Tea Parties are brewing. Tax revolt hangs in the air. If the collected strength and wisdom of the Right is going to drop the people’s elbow on the arrogant and unconstitutional overreaching of power of the current administration and the Democratic controlled Congress, wisdom and experience dictate that we go in with a clear vision of victory, a plan for that victory and an exit strategy. (We have seen power corrupt the GOP when they had contol over the White House, Senate and House.) If we are to battle back extensive taxes and over-regulation, maybe we can beat back some of FDR’s other legacies.   

The Left is drunk on power and feels no need to hide its arrogance. Their weight on the people is causing many to tremble, but under such conditions the people do find their way to be heard. History is replete with leaders and heroes who have heard the peoples voice and answered the challenge to speak truth to power. If now is the time to be heard, we must find our leaders.  Times of testing leave only the strong and the dead.   

Before we make our choices, let us be wise enough to ask the proper questions.
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: Philip Klein’s Wrestling With Capitalist Pigs:

Philip Klein points out the misguided antics of the large banks that have earned capitalism a bad name recently. I wish to point out that the capitalist business society is not just made up of large banks, but the local and regional ones as well, and also practically any other business that comes to mind. And the vast majority of these are productive and responsibly run companies that make our American way of life possible. As the author states in his story, government intervention is anathema to the free markets, and a strong argument can be made that this is why we are in all this mess to begin with.
— Richard Craig

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Blocking the Funds of Terrorists:

“Who can object to giving money to charities?”

If the government wants to decrease a behavior, they tax it more heavily.

Prince Obama proposes decreasing the allowance (i.e., increasing taxes) for charitable giving.

Therefore, The One objects to giving money to charities.
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: Andrew Cline’s The NCAA’s Slaves:

Here’s a new plan to reform the NCAA:

No freshmen play on the varsity…
Each school must have try-outs open to all students…
No recruiting….
All athletes must meet the academic entrance standards of the school…
They must also show academic progress each year….
No coach can be paid more than a professor…
Restore the Regionals. Teams in the West play in the West Regional, etc. (Note the disgrace this year of Big East teams being #1 seeds in 3 different Regionals, and none of them making the finals)…
TV money must be shared equally between all NCAA schools….
Bring back the student-athlete. No more professional athletes dominating college sports.
C. Baker

Re: Patrick O’Hannigan’s Obama, Noonan, and Blarney:

I lost respect for Peggy Noonan during her Palin-bashing in the last election. My sense is that time has passed Ms. Noonan by. She’s comfortable in the detached world of high concepts and ideals and has lost touch with the grit of real life. In that sense she is a perfect match for Obama, which may explain the attraction. Aloof elitists both.

Obama’s actions will have devastating affects on people. Noonan’s journalistic ramblings on Obama’s persona shows she is equally detached from the impact of what he is doing. 
Dave U.

Re: Jason Emerson’s Lincoln’s Decisive Switch:

I submit just a brief remark or two regarding the featured review of the “Lincoln’s Decisive Shift” by Jason Emerson.

I simply ask is this the same Lincoln that lectured black’s in the Oval Office that it was their duty to leave this country? Did he give them an option of being sent to Liberia or Haiti?

Was this the same Lincoln that was pushing for legislation in 1861 would have prevented Congress from making slavery illegal?

Was this the same Lincoln that stated to blacks that it was impossible for whites and blacks to commingle?

Did Lincoln tell the negroes  in 1862 which he had he summoned…”you and we are different races”. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races”. Right or wrong,” the difference meant that the negro was unassimilable in American 
society. Freedom will not solve the problem.” “If the negroes wanted to avoid a future of menial subjection, they should think of colonizing, under United States protection in Haiti or in Central American. It is better for both of us”. Good old Abe clearly  did not consider negroes equal in potential but instead inferior as a race.

Where in hell does the American Spectator dig up these book writers that write pure myth. I realize that your top editor has a thrill up his leg for Churchill not unlike Chris Mathews has for the man child. Your editor has bought all the Churchill self promotion crap that Churchill put to ink… including lies — true history be damned.

Surely he is ignorant as to true history and how Churchill lied twice regarding Sir Hugh Dowding. Churchill’s words did not win one battle. Dowding and his few only saved the western civilization. George Will wrote that “we remember Jefferson but live Hamilton. We remember ego driven Churchill but few know Dowding was the the true hero that lead the few brave fighter pilots. Churchill… please take another bow.

This is the second book feature by the Lincoln Cult which has little with fact. Sad. Fortunately my subscription spanning some ten years soon closes out. You magazine is following the Republican party. You do not demand the truth and have less and less influence. Apparently all your staff is the product of government education.
William Davies


Where are now all those demonstrators shouting “Ho-Ho-Ho Chi Min”? Where are now those killers of Weather Underground and the Black Panthers? Where are now the former members of the Communist Party USA?

Well, in several places, as follows:

1) they are now tenured radicals in our universities “teaching” the new generations how to elect that empty suit from Kenya as our Community Organizer-in-Chief with his ACORN  brownshirts;

2) they are in the Congress and in the White House nationalizing banks, oil companies, and automobile industry while printing soon-to-be wirthless trillions of dollars (read also about their visit with the Castros, for example);

3) they are in the environmentalist movement saving “endangered” species (like polar bears whose population in the last 30 years went from 5,000 to 25,000), maintaining deadly rotting swamps full of mosquitos, as “wetlands,” killing 110 milion Africans with their outlawing of the completely safe DDT, stopping all oil drilling everywhere, saving the planet by stopping global cooling (hm, no — that 1970s scam did not work), by stopping global warming (hm, no — that hoax of the 1990s did not work what with 11 years of cooling), by stopping climate change flimflam now with enormous new taxes;

4) they are members of ACLU, Human Rights, Amnesty International, etc. — where they defend criminals, terrorists, mass murderers, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and similar humanity benefactors and freedom fighters.

That’s where they all are!
Marc Jeric
Las Vegas, Nevada

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