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The Whacko Left

On a day when the president flew to Baghdad to visit the newly-formed government and celebrated Zarqawi’s death with our troops, Hillary and Vichy John Kerry went to the hyperlib “Take Back America” meeting to continue the shadowboxing match for 08.

Hillary is running to the right of any Dem, even Joe Lieberman. (Will the Kossack nutroots go after her like they’re going after Lieberman? Doubtful, as they’re as craven as she is. But if so, it’ll be hilarious) She said that scheduling withdrawal from Iraq would be a mistake for us and for Iraq. Kerry went all the way in the other direction.

Kerry not only disavowed his vote for the war — saying, natch, he was misled by the Bush administration — and said that we need a hard and fast date to bring all our troops out of Iraq. There are no reports of whether he spoke to Mr. Chirac before or afterward.

There you have it: the solid, defined Democratic position thanks to its leaders. And just where are Howlin’ Howie Dean and Jack Murtha when Kerry needed them? And how will this affect Hillary’s status among the whacko left? Stay tuned.

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