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A Tribute to Martha

It was often said of George W. Bush that he was one of the most polarizing figures in this country. Of course, this was said mostly by his enemies and referred either to the circumstances surrounding his first election or to the Iraq War a few years later.

But only short months into his term as president, it would be fair to apply the polarization tag to Barack Obama; a man duly elected along with significant majorities of his party in Congress.

There are those in this country whose love for President Barack Obama is, shall we say, scant. His ascendancy has been attributed by them to everything from propaganda to idol worship; and yes, there are those who see him as worthy of adoration. Yet, even those who love him have begun to see cracks in the shining armor of this knight of hope and change. This is reflected not only in his plunging poll ratings, but in the fear in the eyes of those Democrats brave enough to hold town hall meetings on health care reform.

And so, in the footsteps of one of his predecessors, and in hope of rejuvenating his love affair with a majority of the American people, he has escaped to the friendly climes of Martha’s Vineyard. As you might remember, this lovely locale was also a tonic for the amatory problems of our last Democratic president. Who can forget the touching photo of the Clinton family departing for the Vineyard; shot from behind, we saw Hillary holding hands with Chelsea who in turned grasped the paw of her loving and contrite father who at least had a firm grip on Buddy the dog.

Yes, when affairs of state, be they economic, foreign or domestic, rudely intrude themselves into the lives of our Democratic presidents, a trip to the Vineyard causes these to roll away like the gentle waves that kiss the nearby Chappaquiddick Island shoreline. It is therefore fitting that a paean to the island paradise most loved by liberals — Cuba being a close second — should be offered up for the occasion.

And although many have likened the Obama Administration to that of a Chicago-style mob replete with many shady types, none of them possesses the offbeat charm of the Damon Runyon-like characters who populated great shows like Guys and Dolls. Nevertheless, in that spirit, with apologies to Frank Loesser, and to break up an otherwise news-less week — unless you consider the release of five-year-old documents news — I offer the following:

The Daily Kos crowd wants a stand,
‘Cause my health care plan ain’t so grand.
And it seems they don’t love me no more,
Since the public option’s gone out the door.

I might count on my friends in the Congress,
But Nancy Pelosi ain’t got no clout.
And things being how they are,
Another town hall meeting is out!

So, it’s back to the Hill I should trot,
But those gosh darn blue dogs we ain’t got…

Why it’s good old reliable Martha’s!
Martha’s, Martha’s, Martha’s Vine-yard!
If you’re looking to cool it, when things get too hot;
When your polling’s in the tank, then this is the spot.
Yes, at good old reliable Martha’s
Where there is no Fox News to feast;
It’s the oldest, established, liberal, left-wing
Enclave in the East!

There are fat-cat donors everywhere, (everywhere!);
There are fat-cat donors everywhere.
With an awful lot of cabbage
If we only get our baggage there.

Up at good old reliable Martha’s
Martha’s, Martha’s, Martha’s Vine-yard!
If you’re looking to chill out, or unload some stress;
Whether it’s Afghanistan or just a blue dress;
In a hideout provided at Martha’s
Beach-side photo ops are released.
It’s the oldest, established, liberal, left-wing
Enclave in the East!

We’ll be in the arms of the elite, (the elite!);
We’ll be in the arms of the elite.
And the press will never vex us
‘Cause we saved ’em from the Texas heat.

Yes, it’s good old reliable Martha’s!
Martha’s, Martha’s, Martha’s Vine-yard!
While we’re thrilling the locals; folks back in DC
Plaster scenes of torture over all of TV.
But at good old reliable Martha’s
Where the CIA matters least,
It’s the oldest, established, liberal, left-wing
Enclave in the East!

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