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The Limits of Self-Hate

It started decades ago in this country; the hammering away at the notion that ours is a noble and commendable history. From the demonization of Christopher Columbus and our founding fathers to the endless recriminations concerning reparations — both moral and pecuniary — for past sins that are due those who never suffered directly under them. And now our president has the uncontrollable urge to apologize for every action by the United States that may or may not have caused pain to anyone, anywhere around the globe.

Some of us who take a more charitable view, have tried to explain this attitude away as an erosion of the concept of American exceptionalism; but the simple truth is that what most liberals are selling is a program of national self-hate. But liberal logic is never lacking in irony. These very same feelings of patriotism and pride in our heritage that they disparage are, of course, lauded in others; particularly our Muslim enemies. And it is this kind of thinking that is finally catching up to them.

That Barack Obama’s poll numbers have tanked is not news. Considering the cloying adoration the media have shown him, it’s the speed with which they’ve dropped that should be cause for alarm for his supporters. But from the viewpoint of the loyal opposition, the delicious poll numbers are those that suggest a growing distaste for some of the pillars of the liberal agenda. A glance at the latest Rasmussen Reports should send shivers down the spines of Democrats everywhere.

For the first time, the number of Americans not buying into the human-caused global warming canard is greater than those who have bowed to the near-total propaganda campaign supporting it. Forty-five percent of us think that labors unions weaken our country and nearly half think they have outlived their usefulness. And in a development sure to impact future elections, a whopping 83 percent of those polled think that only U.S. citizens should have access to government healthcare subsidies. And speaking of same, while opposition to health care reform is now at 53 percent overall, the shocking number is that 62 percent of independent voters are opposed to it. So it’s not surprising that Republicans are gaining in the generic congressional ballot polling. But why?

I have long contended that the liberal desire to impose socialism on America is one that must be induced gradually and covertly; much like Mary Poppins’ contention that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Were its aims not couched in sweet-sounding terms like “social justice,” “saving the planet” and “it’s for the children,” Americans would have rejected liberalism’s tender mercies years ago. Without these niceties, naked ambition can be seen as it really is: naked.

Because, at its heart, the true goal of “progressives” is the repudiation of all that this country was founded on; particularly the right of its people to govern themselves in a way that counts the protections of private property and personal freedom as sacrosanct, and is codified under the tenets of natural law as defined by the Judeo-Christian ethic. And this is why, under the guise of their decades-long campaign to raise the self-esteem of our countrymen and especially our children, what has taken place is just the opposite; at least where it concerns their citizenship. 

They have encouraged us to revile our predecessors as bigoted, hateful empire-builders, driven by a misguided reliance on religion; and reduced our defense of freedom around the world to a pathetic form of misplaced patriotism. They embrace, as Pope Benedict XVI has said, “a pacifism that does not recognize that some values are worthy of being defended and that assigns the same value to everything.” In a word, they desire to make America into an unlovely nation by seeing to it that it is unloved.

But self-hate can only go so far before it immolates its object; itself. And this is what explains the sudden repudiation of the Obama agenda; too much socialism, far too soon. Again, when ladled out in tiny portions and sweetened by euphemistic doublespeak, liberalism may be tolerated by a trusting populace; one that has always had a good and charitable heart. But after seizing power so quickly and attempting to rush their radical agenda through a friendly Congress, the wolf’s fangs are laid bare as the sheep’s clothing falls away.

Because the thing is, while there are many folks alive who remember the dismal failures of socialism and its big brother communism, there are also many prescient young people who are experiencing it for the first time and have noticed its foul taste; smothered though it may be in syrupy media pap. It can’t make too many liberals happy that according to John Zogby, 41 percent of Americans under 30 now disapprove of the president’s handling of his job.

It’s often said that George W. Bush’s attempts to reform Social Security failed because he dared to tread on the third rail of American politics. But it is the Democrats who are getting the hotfoot this time; shocked as they are their countrymen are refusing to accept government control of their lives for their own good. And for Americans, that is a total expression of self-love.

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