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China Military Power – 2006

DoD sent the new report on Chinese Military Power to the Hill today. (The best report on it is in WSJ). It’s much like last year’s (see Showdown for the full discussion) but has a few new items of considerable significance.

One of the points I’ve been arguing is that we can derive China’s intents from the capabilities it is acquiring in its hell-for-leather military buildup. The new report contains as direct a proof as I could imagine. Here’s the money quote from Lt. Gen. Liu Yazhou, deputy political commissar of the PLA Air Force:

“When a nation grows strong enough, it practices hegemony. The sole purpose of power is to pursue even greater power…Geography is destiny…when a country begins to rise, it should first set itself in an invincible position.”

Now what was all that about “peaceful rise” we heard from Hu Jintao last month?

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