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The Suicide of the West (Chapter 949)

If you missed Brit Hume’s broadcast last night, you missed the otherwise unreported story about the EUnuchs’ latest descent into dhimmitude in the form of restricting free speech. Here’s the money quote from “The Political Grapevine”:

The European Union says it will no longer use the phrase “Islamic Terrorism” to describe attacks carried out by Muslims. Instead, EU press releases will use the phrase “terrorists who abusively invoke Islam.”

The words “Islamist,” “Fundamentalist,” and “Jihad” will also be banned, as part of a new “lexicon” that seeks to avoid offending Muslims.

The EU’s counter-terrorism chief says the government is taking great pains to use language that “makes clear that we are talking about a murderous fringe that is abusing a religion and does not accept it.”

The EUnuchs are also considering a “non-binding” code of conduct for the press to prevent future incidents such as the Danish cartoons of Mohammed.

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