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McCain, Graham Take to the Floor to Trash Paul, Updated with Video

They’re wrapping it up now. I just turned it on but Business Insider has a blurb on what I missed:

“Calm down, Senator,” McCain said, in an admonition to Paul. “The U.S. government cannot randomly target U.S. citizens.” 

McCain argued that Paul’s warning that the Obama administration could target U.S. citizens in “cafes” on American soil, and his related “Jane Fonda” analogy, bring the debate into the “realm of the ridiculous.” 

“If Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stuntes [sic] tha[t] fire up impressionable libertarian kids,” he said. “I don’t think what happened yesterday is helpful to the American people.”

McCain just said a conversation shouldn’t be talking about “drones killing Jane Fonda and in cafes.” Graham said the chance of you being killed by a drone for engaging in harmless political activity “is zero.” He said, “I will do everything in my power to protect this president, who I disagree with a lot, and future presidents from having an ill-informed Congress” take away his constitutional powers. McCain, descending into self-parody, then congratulated Graham for using his best manners during their dinner last night (I wish I were making that up).

I’ll post video as soon as it’s found.

UPDATE: Here’s video of McCain speaking. He spends about half his time reading the Wall Street Journal‘s critical editorial from earlier this morning. His patented harrumphing begins around 4:30:

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