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EUnuchs on the March

It’s fascinating. For European diplomats, nothing succeds like failure. Bloomberg reports that the EU-3 are resuming nuclear talks with Iran tomorrow, allowing Ahmadinejad & Co. to continue to dance away from even the possibility of UN Security Council action. The fact that there is no change whatsoever in Iran’s position since the talks were declared dead will, inevitably, produce the same result after this round. And leaves the EU-3 tugging its collective forelock at the feet of the Iranian regime. When will they ever learn? Never.

China and Russia, siding with Iran, will certainly stall the UN, and the Euros are doing the same. The game remains the same for appeasers the world ’round. So how long do we wait before taking action against the mullahs’ regime and their nuclear operations? If the Euros have their way, it will be long enough for Iran to deploy nuclear weapons.

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