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Palestinians Vote for Terror

That’s not the headline on the BBC story, but that’s what the Palestinian vote yesterday was. Hamas, the terrorist organization whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel, has apparently won the Palestinian election with a majority. PA prime minister Ahmed Qurei said that he would quit and that Hamas would have to form the next government.

Their vote sheds a brighter light on the Palestinians than has ever before been turned on them. No more pretense about peace plans, road maps and other such European or American smoke and mirrors. Unless the vote is overturned, which it will not be, there should be an immediate and total cutoff of American, European and UN funding of all Palestinian government functions. The UNWRA agency (the UN’s arm in the West Bank and Gaza) activities that used to surreptitiously help Hamas and other terrorist groups will have no convenient cover to hide behind, and must end.

Decades of Palestinian hatred for Israel and the excuses made for Palestinian terrorism have now come home to roost. The Palestinians have nothing to offer themselves but more terror and suffering. With the call by Bashar Assad for Palestinian violence against Israel (his pronouncement that Israel assassinated Yassir Arafat was clearly that) and now this vote, the Palestinians have chosen a bleak future. They should not be relieved of the responsibility of their vote, or the consequences it must bring.

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