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Re: Sixty Days

John: It is absolutely not any more complicated in any respect. It’s absurd to say, as the judge did, that he is more concerned with rehabilitation than punishment. This judge and his apologists are setting up the idea that this man is susceptible of rehabilitation, which is contrary to ALL the available data. The incidence of recidivism in pedophiles is nearly 100%, regardless of treatment, counseling, clay modeling or singing Kumbaya in group therapy. What purpose does our criminal justice system serve if not to protect the innocent — especially the defenseless — from those who will do them harm?

The judge had an obligation to take this animal off the streets. He didn’t do so. That judge is allowing a convicted child rapist out on the streets again to victimize more children in less time than a shoplifter might serve in jail. The sentence should be — and, I expect will be — and the judge removed from the bench forthwith. If I had small children and this animal were roaming around, I couldn’t let those kids out of my sight. Should that be my burden?

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