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Iran’s Adamancy on Nukes

From the Iranian News Service comes the latest sermonizing from the terrorists as to their "rights" to have nuclear power (i.e., nuclear weapons):

Former president Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here Wednesday the Iranian nation will get with wisdom its rights with respect to its nuclear program.

"The arrogance and its allies will be regretful if they obstruct the Iranian nation's access to the latest science, said Rafsanjani in his second sermon to a large group of worshipers at the auspicious Eid-ul-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) congregational prayers at the Tehran University Campus.

"We cannot give up our rights," he added.

The Expediency Council Chairman dismissed the wide-scale hue and cry launched by the western political, military and economic circles against Iran since Tuesday after Tehran started nuclear research activities.

Calling as "heavy and unprecedented" the anti-Iran propaganda, Rafsanjani said, "In the age of democracy, the natural right of a country, which wants to make use of the latest sciences, is subjected to assaults." He said the motive behind assaults on Iran goes beyond opposition raised against nuclear programs of the country.

"The root cause of these assaults lies in the colonialist nature and policies of the West, whose plan is to keep countries backward." Rafsanjani said the main motive behind their attacks is to punish a country which has stood on its own and has been able to gain access to the latest science and technology and broken the talisman of ignorance.

Iran has successfully passed its test on observing humanitarian principles, said the top cleric.

"Under the worst conditions when our country was chemically bombarded by the enemy, we refused to go beyond humanitarian limits and avoided using inhumane weapons." Rafsanjani further said, "To settle the nuclear issue both parties are required to show wisdom and if they take an unwise move, they have done injustice to the region and the world and they cannot resolve the problem through sanctions and so on."

The Iranians advise patience and diplomacy. That's their recommendation to leave them alone long enough to achieve their ambitions of nuclear weapons. So what's our alternative?

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