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The Day Ahead: November 20

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Reader LaneyB on No Class:

In George Gilder’s mid nineteen seventies book, “Sexual Suicide,” he clearly proved that men look to women to civilize them. One need not recite proofs of this theory; one only needs to casually glance at a kindergarten class to see boys behaving and playing singularly and then glance at the girls creating order, priorities and conversation. This type of separation by maturity and the long-term concept of delayed gratification for the good of the group as grasped early by girls is what distinguishes mammals from lower forms of life.

What happens between that female biologically determined behavior in childhood where propriety and behavior constraints rule and then women behaving as wildly as immature boys s indicative of a society that refuses to acknowledge the value of women behaving responsibly. Freedom to behave badly is no freedom at all.

As the envelope is pushed ever farther toward social chaos by media outlets and the entertainment industries, ever in search of the outrageous to capture market share, young women are encouraged to deny their biology in favor of fifteen minutes of fame, but end up attaching a stain to their names forever.

One wonders what generation of parents have permitted their daughters to destroy themselves. In the end, a society gets what it raises, and parental neglect does not always come in the form of denying food and shelter. It is abuse of children when the rules of decorum and self-protection are not taught early and continually.

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