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The Day Ahead: November 18

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Reader 1FreeMan on Major Hasan A True Believer:

I have to disagree, Sir.

Maj Hasan was in contact with “persons of interest” in his mosque and was in contact with other “sleeper” elements here in the US. He was also seeking connections with known terrorist organizations. He was not a lone rogue but, instead, part of a growing problem. You need to better understand Islam and the interconnectivity of the Mosque and the people in that Mosque before you write another article. The men in the mosque are intimately connected and form a nucleus of thought and purpose. He did not act alone; he was prodded and encouraged from within the mosque and his weaknesses, many as they were, were exploited.
Your feeble attempt to pretend that the wolf is not at the door, organized and with a combined purpose, is irresponsible. When this investigation is over you will eat this article with a drink of wormwood to wash it down. You missed the mark.

He attacked heroic soldiers with a purpose and he was not acting alone or as a individual fanatic; he was aimed at that base like a weapon and the triggger-man is the Imman at his mosque. Plain and simple.

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