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The Day Ahead: November 2

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Reader Rich Rostrom on Jay D. Homnick’s Go Fly Al Quaeda:

It is true that the 9/11 terrorists were Moslems, that they acted on Moslem religious motives, and that they had the support and approval of other Moslems. Not stating they were Moslems would be whitewashing this.

However, the Gestapo and the NKVD acted as agents of the recognized supreme authorities of their ideologies (Nazism and Communism). The 9/11 terrorists were not acting as agents of any Moslem authority, much less a recognized supreme authority. Their claim to be acting for “Islam” was self-asserted, and arguably fraudulent.

Al-Qaeda and its affiliates have murdered many thousands of Moslems, and are treated as criminals by the governments of most Moslem countries. The Pakistani army has had about as many men killed fighting Al-Qaeda and the Taliban as the U.S. has lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To define the 9/11 attackers as simply “Moslem terrorists” validates their claim to be acting on behalf of “Islam”. To define “Islam” as the enemy is to make enemies of a lot of people who are not our enemies, and many of whom are our allies.

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