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Not Abiding Obama

In Barack The One Obama’s Weekly Address, he went on a full-fledged attack against the insurance agency. And he had this to say: “I will not abide are those who would bend the truth – or break it – to score political points and stop our progress as a country.”

Hmm… It sounds to me like the president is a self-loathing human being. He can’t abide himself.

(By the way, who is he to say what he can and can’t “abide”? Can he abide criticism? Can he abide people pointing out that he is the one telling lies? Can he abide it when people question whether or not he is the chosen One? Can he abide it when people ask him to actually fulfill his campaign pledges? Can he abide it when people say they hope he fails in his efforts to “transform” the country? And what will he do to those he can’t abide? What will he do to you, dear reader? What will he do to me? I criticize him, I note that he is the one telling lies, I question whether he is the chosen One, I say he should actually fulfill hsi campaign pledges, and I hope, sincerely hope, that he fails in his efforts to transform the country. Yes, in that sense, I hope he fails. And fails spectacularly. Can he abide me hoping against his change? Can he abide all of us hoping against his change? Obama is using the word “abide” in its secnd sense, meaning “to put up with.” The word’s first sense, in my Webster’s New World Collegiate Dictionary, is “to remain; to go on being.” I therefore devoutly hope that Obama does not abide in the White House for very long.)

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