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The Day Ahead: October 19

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Marc Jeric on Rishawn Biddles’ Fool’s Gold?:

Show me a strong union and I will show a dead or dying industry – automobile, steel, textile, electronics, apparel, etc. Not to forget the teacher unions and other government employee unions – but those jobs cannot be outsourced. The education system that 40 years ago was the wonder of the world is now an utter disaster. College entrants are given remedial courses in reading and writing! All government employee unions should be outlawed – they are a conspiracy against the people.
In Europe the school systems are based on this principle of natural triage:
1) Those pupils who cannot pass the basic requirements of literacy after 4 years of elementary schooling are allowed to repeat the fourth year 3 times; if they fail that is the end of their education and they can apply as apprentices for cleaning streets and common building areas, or attendants in public restrooms, etc.
2) those who pass can then go to high schools, where after 4 years there is a serious triage by means a small bac exam; those who pass can continue, those who fail can go to industrial apprentice schools to become factory workers, welders, installers, carpenters, etc.
3) At the end of the 8th class of high school there is a formal bac exam that includes essays in own language and in a foreign language, math, physics, chemistry, geography, history. Those who pass are allowed to compete for university by additional exams (about 40-50% pass); others become clerks, salesmen, reps, bank employees, or after taking specialized courses can become law aides, accountants, etc., or can join the military. University students finish their studies successfully between 40-80%; in my class in engineering only 40% got their diplomas after 4 years of classes plus 1-2 years of work on the final project.
This American system based of self-esteem and the false but politically correct conviction that everybody is capable of university education is a disaster for the country – economically and intellectually. Courses in gender, class, race etc. grievances are a total waste of time and effort. Colleges od education produce an unending stream of politically correct imbeciles incapable of teaching. Lack of discipline enforcement in class formally endorsed by teacher unions is a mark of criminal neglect. Incompetent teachers are protected by union rules; school boards are in majority composed of teachers.
A recipe for total failure!

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A 4th grader asks Obama, “Why does everyone hate you?”

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