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A Shame About Chicago

So, Chicago was dropped IN THE FIRST ROUND (!!!) of the Olympic balloting. Amazing. This, after the Obamas had taken precious time to go lobby for Chicago to be the host. What a slap in the face to the Obamas. But before chortling about lamenting the serious denigration of the esteem of the presidency engendered by the Obamas’ foolish lobbying trip, let me say this: Conservatives should not celebrate Chicago’s loss. Chicago is a hugely important American city. And Olympics are always good for the host country. They let us show our best face to the world. They introduce others to America and our wonders: Our freedom, our generosity, our friendliness. We should be sad that Chicago didn’t win. Yes, as the Drudge headline said about Obama, “The Ego Has Landed,” and the Ego was indeed due a major comeuppance. This president’s self-regard is so massive as to be dangerous, and he needed/continues to need humbling. But we should not be glad that one of the means of humbling him is that a major American city lost a bid for which many of its good citizens spent four years preparing. I tip my hat to Chicago for its effort, even as I sort of enjoy the egg on Obama’s face — except that, even there, I should not enjoy it, because it is not just egg on Obama’s face, but on that of the institution of the presidency as well, and that is not a thing to celebrate.

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